What Does a Construction Litigator Do?

Often times issues arise during a construction project. When these issues end up being complex, you will need legal advice and representation from a construction litigator Phoenix. A construction litigator represents contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and other construction professionals during all legal matters related to a construction project and can help you understand what is going on through a dispute and other issues with a construction project.

What is a construction litigator?

A construction litigator is responsible for representing contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other construction professionals involved in legal matters. These legal matters usually spawn from contract disputes, construction liens and defects, and delays in construction projects.

Benefits of Using a Construction Litigator

There are many benefits to working with an experienced construction litigator. Construction issues can include breach of contract, defects in the project, delays in the project, construction liens, contract disputes, and more.

If you are going through the litigation process, you will want a construction litigator on your side. Aside from helping with construction issues, a construction litigator can also help scheduling or budgeting any construction projects and help with making sure that all requirements are met. They can also protect payments, assist with insurance/bonding agreements, prepare any documents for loans, and negotiate loans.

One of the most common reasons a construction litigator is used are for contract disputes. Many disputes can happen over contracts, plans and specifications, especially if there are any changes during the project. The contract between contractor and owner can be interpreted differently, causing issues. You can avoid unwanted disputes by drafting a clear and detailed contract with a construction litigator to ensure everything is accurate with the contract.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to receive the payment you are owed. This is when you need to file a construction lien. A lien can be confusing and some states require notification to be made before even filing a lien. A construction litigator is familiar with construction liens and can offer you the advice you need to successfully file one and receive the money you are entitled to.

A construction litigator can also assist when there are delays in projects or defects. This is why it is important to always address a timeline and deadlines in your contract to prevent any delays. Once the project is finished, if there are any defects, you should consult with a construction litigator to fully know and understand your rights.

Working with a Construction Litigator

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