Buy Bird Netting To Protect Your Garden from Pest Birds

During the springtime, people start to grow plants in the garden. They spend hours to pull the weeds of the winter month, tilling the soil and also planting the seeds. However, before the plant grows and the vegetable starts to mature, the pest birds have started to feast over them in the garden. Each year, the home gardeners face lots of trouble regarding these pest birds, and they search for products that will help them to control these pest birds and protect their garden from the unnecessary trouble. If you are one of them who is trying to protect your garden from these birds, you can go for the nets.

The garden bird netting is the lightweight plastic netting that helps to bind the legs of the birds so that they cannot fly and damage the gardening plants. These nets come in rolls of 14 feet wide and 100-200 feet long. These nets are sometimes UV protected that help them to keep intact during the summer months. This net is not only best for the gardens; they are also used at the fruit orchards. You can get various bird netting options online at an affordable rate.

How To Use Garden Bird Netting

There are various ways by which you can use the bird nets for your garden-

  1.    in the vegetable gardens

As the plants in the garden begin to grow, cover the saplings with the bird nets. Use the garden stake around the perimeter of the entire garden and drape the net over the stakes. This makes the birds quite difficult to penetrate and damage the plants. When the plants grow totally, you can simply move the net up the garden stake. It is quite easy to water the plants through the nets as well.

  1.    in the fruit gardens

During the springtime, when the fruit plants begin to grow, there are chances when the birds can attack the ripe fruits. Hence, you can cover the garden with the help of the bird netting over the top of the trees. For the larger trees, you can use more than 1 piece of net. It is better to sew several nets together by using the twine and run it in and out the mesh holes.

  1.    under the eaves of houses

At times, the pest birds look for the place for nesting and laying eggs. Unfortunately, they choose the eaves of houses. The swallow birds love to build the nest in the shady region of your home. The sparrows like to build the best in the attics and vent holes. Using the bird nets at both sides of the eave of your home will prevent the pest birds from paying eggs.

You should know that the pest birds like the sparrows, pigeons or the woodpeckers not only damage the garden but also cause health hazards. So, it is better to avoid issues by using the nets bought from online sites as like the Homemart as it has a wide collection of nets.

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