What Auto Insurance Discounts Are Available For The Disabled?

Disabled drivers seeking out an affordable and reliable auto insurance policy might have some questions as to whether or not there are discounts available that cater to them. Many individuals who could be considered a disabled driver are already concerned they will be charged higher premiums because of their disabilities.

But here are the facts, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a personal auto insurance policy or uber insurance Hampton you cannot be charged higher premiums simply because you are disabled. It’s actually illegal in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which explicitly forbids insurers from charging higher rates to drivers due to their disabilities.

It doesn’t matter what disability you may have, you cannot be charged more to be insured to drive an automobile in this country. That means your rates will be determined by the same factors as all of your other fellow drivers which include age, gender, driving history, type of vehicle you drive, and even credit score. But no matter what, your disability can not and must not be considered a factor.

Qualifying Discounts

There’s some good news and bad news here. Just about every car insurance provider offers a wide range of discounts that drivers may qualify for based on some of the factors above along with additional factors related to your personal situation.

However, that personal situation does not include whether or not you have a disability. In fact, very few, if any insurers have special discounts for the disabled. But that’s okay, you should qualify for any number of the multitude of discounts and benefits that can be enjoyed by all drivers. So while the ADA prevents insurers from charging you more for insurance, the companies will remain in compliance with considering you just another insurance purchaser in that you won’t be afforded any special discounts.

There are still a whole bunch of ways for you to save on your premiums through things like safe driver discounts that reward you for maintaining a clean driving record, good student discounts for those who are still in school and maintain a certain grade point average, and bundling discounts where you can save money by purchasing multiple policies from the same insurer.

Those are just a few options available to you and all other drivers and to get a good idea as to which you might be eligible to receive, take a look at all of the discounts your preferred insurer offers. Most companies will have many of the same discounts so if you are shopping around for good insurance, consider the quote you receive from the company in addition to the discounts that apply to you and your car.

Coverage for Modifications

Your insurer is not allowed to charge more to insure you as a driver, but they can charge more to insure any modifications or special features that have been added to the vehicle. Certain specialties like wheelchair-adjustable seats, special pedals and/or shifts, and lifts are just some of the additional accessories that are vital to your ability to drive yet could increase the cost of your policy.