Energy storage devices for supplying uninterrupted flow of electricity to your equipment during a power outage

An inverter converts DC current into AC current and that alternate current is then used to run various electrical equipment. Nowadays, solar inverters are gaining much popularity and unlike a regular DC to AC power inverter, a solar inverter uses the energy from the sun. Using solar power this kind of inverter DC power into AC power. The AC current is used to run various household electrical devices. The main reason behind the growing popularity of solar inverter is that it makes use of solar energy which is a renewable source of energy and is available in ample amount.

Sunsine pure sine wave power inverter 120Vac input

There are several kinds of solar inverters available in the market, such as:

    • Off-grid inverter
    • Grid-tie inverters
    • Battery backup inverters
    • Microinverters

The off-grid inverter also known as the hybrid inverter can store solar power in the batteries for future use when the regular power grid is not available. Whenever the sun is shining the off-grid system provide power to balance the power of the grid. The excess power is sent over to the grid system for future usage. An off-grid inverter is difficult to install and the batteries are also expensive. Off-grid inverters also required to maintain regularly which is also quite costly. For all these reasons off-grid inverters are not recommended for domestic use. There are several components in this type of inverters specifically dealing with high amp batteries, so special precautionary measures are needed when installing them.

Sunsine pure sine wave power inverter internal view

Inverters are also known as energy storage inverters which store energy for use when needed and when they are not in use they store that energy. Many of these inverters are designed to enhance the usage of power from the solar photovoltaic panel. The solar energy storage system inverters have gained huge popularity in recent time owing to several advantages.