The Evolution Of The ‘Plain Jane’ Bedside Table To The Overbed Table System

The Plain Jane of Bedside Tables

Years ago, the bedside table was best known as a vital table for the patient in a hospital setting as an assistive device to help keep items more convenient to the hospitalized patient. This rolling table on legs and wheels kept everything organized and within reach of the person as good as it could, but never really met the patient needs entirely. In the beginning, the bedside table, simply put, was a ‘Plain Jane,’ table on wheels that could rise, lower, and slide under the bed or chair at mealtime or anytime the patient needed things nearer to them.

Along Came the Cadillac of Bedside Tables

The bedside table has now evolved into an attractive piece of furniture, serving multiple different uses and hosting compartments, drawers, and mirrors. The overbed table system proves highly safe, hailing electronic components such as adjustable LED lighting, integrated electrical outlets USB outlets. These bedside tables are no longer just a bedside table, but charging stations serving multiple purposes right to the person. This table enhances safety and security because the person wants for nothing and everything remains in close reach.

Bedside Tables No Longer Just for Hospitals and In-Home Devices

Nowadays the overall convenience of a bedside table is also enjoyed in home situations. Bedside tables are no longer for the bedridden, chair-ridden patient but are enjoyed by anyone and everyone at home, at work, in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and much more. The overbed table system is conveniently made to slide under a bed, and by readjusting the height of the table, this piece of furniture becomes inseparable to the adult or child using this table. Bedside tables for folks who cannot get out a chair or bed on their own find a fantastic increase in their independence; thus, increasing quality of life because of the evolution of the bedside table into what it has become today.

Bedside tables are a highly functional piece of attractive furniture keeping everything at hand. Consumers find some bedside tables function well as night tables because the rollers underneath pull the table to the bed for more comfortable reach and are now, for all intents and purposes considered a side table. Consumers benefit from using these tables in the living room, laundry room, basement, kitchen, garage, shop area, bathroom, and bedroom across America are very apt to display a useful and highly functioning bedside table. Kids and adults alike enjoy these tables to do paperwork, school assignments, games, puzzles, cooking,  and a variety of arts and crafts. The various uses for the bedside table are no longer confined only to the bed.

In the home, a person needs a reliable, safe overbed table system during illness and after surgery when there is a mobility deficit, the natural aging process, pregnancy-related health issues where rest is the utmost concern, and more. Bedside tables are useful for any person for any reason. This table system, wisely designed, increases independence and quality of life for some and is always convenient for everyone and enjoyed by the multitudes. At the same time, this elegant table sits as part of a home’s decor offering a significant element of beauty, convenience, with unlimited purposes.