Things To Do In Nassau For Adults

Nassau is a beautiful city that is constantly full of life and energy from early in the morning until late at night. With beautiful sandy beaches, and an interactive community of people, you are guaranteed to find something to fit your liking. We have put together a full list of things that most tourists enjoy when spending some time in Nassau. This list is geared towards adults 18 and up who are traveling to The Bahamas.

Lay On The Beach – Nassau is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches that feature amazing turquoise water. The beaches of Nassau can be considered some of the greatest in the world and depending on where you go they have daily activities and things to do that make your beach experience that much more fun. Some of the more popular beaches include Cabbage Beach, and Cable Beach. Cabbage Beach is located on Paradise Island and has lots of vendors walking around offering drinks and trinkets. Cable Beach is located along the north side of Nassau and if you are staying at a hotel other than the Atlantis this is the beach you will be spending most of your time on. Both are equally as beautiful and how crowded the beaches get depends on the time of year. The winter tends to be more busy than the summer.

Eat The Local Food – The Bahamians are known for their locally raised, caught, and grown food that is unmatched in most parts of the world. With the abundance of conch in Nassau you can expect most of the traditional Bahamian meals to be made from it. Nassau is well known for the amazing conch salad and conch fritters. They can be spicy or mild depending on where you go. Bahamians also cook up the local spiny lobster which is generally not as tasteful as the Maine lobster but is still prepared better than anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Go Fishing – Nassau and The Bahamas alike have great fishing that ranges from mellow day trips to big game fishing where you can catch predators such as the shark. While most excursions may start in Nassau if you want to catch big game you will be taken to one of the out islands where the bigger fish reside. Depending on the season you can catch fish such as wahoo, snapper, grouper, yellowtail, barracuda, kingfish, blue marlin, blackfin tuna, and even bonefish. These exotic fish are sought after around the world and there is no better place to catch them than Nassau.

Visit A Casino – Nassau is currently home to two casinos (three when the Baha Mar opens). One is located on Paradise Island in the Atlantis resort called the Atlantis Casino. The Atlantis Casino has over 850 slot games and 90 table games. This 60,000 square foot casino is sure to bring fun times. The second casino is located on Cable Beach in between the Sheraton and the Wyndham resorts and it is called The Crystal Palace Casino. The Crystal Palace Casino is the biggest in Nassau and has a built in restaurant that is located just up the stairs in it. The last casino is not open yet but will be available for tourists when the Baha Mar resort makes its grand opening sometime in December of 2014.

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling – Nassau has plenty of reefs and scuba diving excursions that amaze even experienced divers. If you have your diving license you can dive to the reefs and even swim with sharks in a one of a kind experience like none other. If you don’t have your diving license you can always go snorkeling in the shallower parts of Nassau. This will let you experience just as much wildlife without having to go through the process of getting a license. Unlike hunting of certain fowls where a license is required before you can take aim with your shotguns or AR-15 rifles, whichever one you’re used to, or even to buy AR-15 related accessories for your guns. Many diving excursions also offer something called a snuba dive. Which is basically a mask with a long line attached back to the boat so you can enjoy diving without having to get your license. Make sure to check with the people taking you out diving to see if they offer this.