6 Signs That Your Car’s Injection Pump Needs Repair

When you drive a car, you should be mindful of the level of fuel that goes into your vehicle. A fuel injection pump is a wisely-engineered component tasked to deliver the right quantity of fuel into your car’s combustion chamber, helping ensure that your automobile can maximize power output and fuel efficiency. Over time, this pump can get damaged, and if you own a Benz, you’d need to hire someone to perform a Mercedes diesel injection pump rebuild.

What Causes Injection Pump Damage

If the fuel supply pump fails to deliver the right amount of fuel to your vehicle’s injection pump, it can be problematic. This is the typical culprit behind damaged pumps.

However, there also other causes. For instance, your injector pump gets incorrectly replaced because of the wrong diagnosis of the issue. This is why it’s important that an expert handles the inspection of your car — they will detect if your vehicle’s issue is indeed the injection pump or others, e.g. Dirty fuel filters, defective glow plugs, and poor fuel quality among others.

Signs You Need To Know

Now, you already know what causes damage to a car’s injection pump. The question is — how do you know if you need a Mercedes diesel injection pump rebuild? Here are six signs to watch out for.

You start hearing high-pitched sounds. Whether it’s a squeak or a squeal, hearing a high-pitched noise from your vehicle could be a sign that your injection pump is already in need of repair. It’s better to call a mechanic to immediately check out the culprit behind these unusual sounds.

Your car has bad fuel pressure. For any vehicle to run optimally and smoothly, there has to be good fuel pressure. If your fuel pump is not functioning correctly, there your automobile will suffer from having bad fuel pressure. The consequence? Your car could have problems starting.

You encounter power-related issues. Have you ever had a drive where your vehicle loses power or starts to slow down? These power-related issued are often indicative that there’s something wrong with your diesel fuel pump. Don’t simply shrug off the issue and have your car checked by an auto expert.

Your engine comes to a halt. Engine stoppages take place mainly because there’s not enough fuel being fed to it. And if you trace the root of the problem, it’s highly like to boil down with a defective fuel pump. You should consider repairing or replacing it as soon as possible.

You have difficulty accelerating. One of the joys of being on the road is being able to speed up your car smoothly and quickly. If at a certain point, you encounter troubles accelerating your car, it could mean that its pump isn’t supplying enough fuel to the engine.

Your filter malfunctions. It is but natural to change your car’s filter regularly. However, experts advise that this should not be done more frequently than usual. If you have a malfunctioning filter, consider checking your diesel fuel pump. Instead of changing your filter, the more appropriate solution for your car would be a Mercedes diesel injection pump rebuild.

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