bob haircut

Bob haircut! Yes, yes, the very haircut that many mistakenly consider as exclusively a female hairstyle. But this is not so.

It is a good haircut in Manhattan that gives a special charm to a man. Carelessness, freshness, energy, youth, masculine attractiveness – all this accompanies a bob haircut. Of course, many men prefer classic hairstyles – strict, short and comfortable. But if you want to take a break from the standards at least for a while and are ready to experiment a bit – try the bob!

Bob haircuts, in fact, do not fall into the category of classic men’s haircuts. But, nevertheless, this is a men’s haircut. A little unusual, but stylish, fashionable and certainly attracting the attention of women. The bob on medium hair leaves a fairly thick layer of hair on the head. Add here a long and lush nape, as well as locks of bangs and temples

which indomitable and slightly randomly stick out to the sides and you will get a fairly accurate description of the bob haircut. As already mentioned, this gives the man a fresh and young look, a little rebellious, a little careless one.

The male bob haircut is similar to the female version, but there is a significant difference. The feature is: in the female version of the bob, the crown is very lush and “saturated”. In the male bob haircut, the hair on the crown is laid flat, naturally, in the course of its growth.

This haircut is best done on thick and straight hair. The bob looks greatly on men with an oval type of face, on thin young guys.

What is noteworthy, the bob hairstyle can be done with almost any hair length. A bob haircut for long hair is suitable for artistic, creative, free and relaxed persons.

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