Significance of Number System

A number system is a system of writing and expressing the numbers. It means that the system uses the mathematical notations to define the given set of numbers consistently. Every number is represented in a standard form. The commonly used numeral system is Arabic Numerals. It is also known as Hindu – Arabic Numerals. Two Mathematicians named Aryabhata and Brahmagupta developed the number system. Aryabhata introduced the place-value notation in the number system, whereas Brahmagupta introduced the concept and symbol for zero. 

Nowadays, we use the place value decimal system because the placement of numbers is significant while representing the values. There are various types of number systems, such as the binary number system, decimal number system, octal number system, hexadecimal number system. Apart from Maths, these number systems are used in various fields such as electronics, computer science, digital communications and so on. 

Children should learn the number system in primary education, as the recognition of numbers will help them in the development of other numerical skills such as counting, pattern recognition, etc. Numerical skills also consist of fundamental arithmetics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It involves some other skills which are not taught in the classrooms, which assist in solving problems from all aspects of life. It develops logical and reasoning ability in their everyday activities.

While learning the number system, students should be capable of understanding the structure of the number system and the relation between the numbers. They should be able to recognise the place value of any digit in the number system, identifying the numbers such as even numbers, odd numbers, complex numbers, square numbers and so on up to certain numbers, as per the grade levels. 

Numbers are directly or indirectly connected to our lives since the time we were born. Certain qualities are nourished by Mathematics, such as creativity, reasoning, logical and critical thinking, problem-solving skills and so on. Numbers are everywhere and all humankind understands it. Since Mathematics is a universal language, it should be learnt by everyone in early education. 

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