Why Migrating To Louisiana Is A Wise Decision?

Louisiana life offers lots of spice to people of every appetite. The Bayou State is a spicy concoction of culture, arts, architecture, and cuisine. Residents of Louisiana are well aware of the awesomeness of living in this stunning state but need to review, it will never hurt. It is a magical state full of Cajun cuisine, Southern hospitality, and Creole flavor.

Why migrate to Louisiana?

The cost of living in this state is low due to the local production of petroleum, agriculture, and food. The Pelican State is an attractive place for businesses and families looking to maintain expenses low. Below are some more reasons to migrate to Louisiana.

The housing rates are 5th lowest in the US. It is an attractive region, where you can buy a home without burdening your wallet. Similarly, other economic opportunities are boundless ranging from manufacturing and energy production to healthcare and shipping to tourism. Besides, Louisiana hosts more than 400 festivals every year from celebrating crop harvests to local music to homemade food. There will be multiple opportunities for enjoying an awesome life in Louisiana.

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The charm of different cities

You will discover unmatched diversity in Louisiana. Every town and city has its distinctive charm and character. If you are a foodie then you can spoil your taste buds by eating the delicious gumbo and the glorious Bourdin. You must never ignore the taste of beignets in New Orleans [Crescent City] at Café Du Monte.

The Big Easy

New Orleans is popular for its laid-back life, so is called ‘The Big Easy’. Due to the shape of the location, it is also called ‘Crescent City’. The Big Easy has always been a supportive and open city that embraced aspiring musicians’ longing to perform. It is a haven for struggling blues and jazz musicians. Every year millions of music fans attend the Voodoo experience and Jazz festival.

It is a major tourist attraction as it is home to Jackson Square and the French Quarter. The haunted places like St. Louis Cemetery and LaLaurie Mansion also attract visitors.

The region produces abundant oil and petroleum, so has a busy port. It is also a city, where top-notch educational centers like Tulane and Loyola universities are located. You get a zest of Victorian and French Colonial homes across the city.

Baton Rouge [State’s capital and major port city]

It is a hub to major industries, petrochemicals, and research centers, Exxon Mobil, Turner, Mary Bird Perkins, and Celtic Media Center prosper in Baton Rouge. You will even discover plenty of historical and cultural attractions like the Shaw Center, Magnolia Mound Plantation Home, Art Science Museum, etc.

A paradise for bike riding

On the outskirts of Louisiana, there are many fantastic trails with stunning views. Lincoln Parish Park has a great bike trail with breathtaking wilderness and perfect for camping. When you move, you can enjoy the Kisatchie National Forest and the Hodges Gardens.