When Is It Advisable to Make Use of best scar cream After Rhinoplasty?

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‍Any bump on the nose can encourage bacteria to grow inside the nostril, which can cause infection, and to prevent this, you will have to keep your nostrils clean, moreover, it is advisable to make use of scar cream after rhinoplasty to help speed up the healing process. If you are wondering whether it’s necessary to use scar cream after rhinoplasty or not, read on for more information.

What is Scar Cream?


Scar cream is a topical medicine that is applied to the wound after surgery to reduce the appearance of scars, it is usually applied to the incisions, stitches, and skin surrounding the nostrils. 


Scar cream is available in different forms, such as ointments, gels, and silicone sheets the ointments are supposed to be applied three times a day, while the gels and sheets are to be applied twice daily. 


Scar creams are available in different concentrations and strengths the strength depends on how serious the wound is, and how fast it is healing and you can also use scar gels and sheets for scars that are due to burns, cuts, or wounds.

Why Is It Advised to Use Scar Cream After Rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the nose the incisions are usually stitched with sutures, which are temporary. It takes time for these incisions to heal, and you might have to keep cleaning them with saline or alcohol to prevent infection. 


It can also become sore if you don’t clean it properly the scar cream after rhinoplasty is meant to help make the healing process faster. 


The best scar cream can also make the skin softer, which makes it easier for the skin to heal, you can also use scar cream to reduce the appearance of fine scars caused by surgery, some scar creams also contain ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and plant extracts, which can help reduce the risk of infections.

How Do Scar Creams Work?


Scar creams soften the skin and make it less prone to infection this helps in the healing process, as it thins the skin, making it easier for the wound to heal. 


Scar creams absorb any extra moisture in the skin, while also killing the bacteria and yeast that can cause infection. 

The topical anesthetic helps in reducing the pain during the application, and also prevents the skin from becoming too sensitized.

Types of Scar Cream AfterRhinoplasty


  • Hydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids are the main component of most scar creams these acids are used to exfoliate the skin, which in turn makes it easy for the wound to heal, and exfoliating the skin can cause some side effects like mild itching and redness. 


  • Silicone sheets. These sheets are used for everyday use and are easy to remove when you bathe or shower, they come in a roll and can be cut to the desired length they are non-adhesive and don’t stick to your nose. 


  • Saline or hydrogen peroxide. These are mixed together and are meant for cleaning the wound, saline is sterile and is used for washing the wound plus the peroxide in it gets rid of any germs in the wound.