Injured in an auto accident in Queens? Seek legal counsel immediately

New York Auto Accident Attorneys - Best Auto Accident Lawyers NYCAuto accidents, collisions, and crashes are common on the roads of New York City. While Brooklyn leads the numbers, Queens is not far behind at the second spot. If you were injured in an on-road mishap, you should consider talking to an experienced attorney immediately. Many victims don’t seek legal counsel because they assume that hiring a lawyer would be an expensive decision. The truth is most injury lawyers in NY work on a contingency fee, and top firms like Sullivan & Galleshaw offer free case evaluations for car accident victims. Now that the monetary concerns are sorted, let’s discuss more the need for a lawyer.

Insurance companies often rely on tactics

New York is a no-fault state. Unless you have suffered serious injuries that meet the threshold set by the state laws, you cannot directly sue the at-fault party. Insurance companies are known for being extremely smart in how they handle claims. The claims adjuster may adhere to a wide range of tactics to deny or delay your claim. In many cases, adjusters undermine injuries, and because the claimant doesn’t know much about their legal options, they fail to take further action. If you hire a lawyer, you don’t have to worry about these insurance tactics and tricks.

Lawyers can bolster your case

As the claimant, you are required to present evidence to prove your injuries. If you have a valid auto accident lawsuit against the other driver, you need evidence to prove that they were responsible for your injuries and damages. An attorney can help investigate the auto accident efficiently and independently. The work of the lawyer involves the following –

  1. Gathering evidence from the accident scene
  2. Evaluating photos and videos
  3. Getting a copy of the police report
  4. Collecting witness testimonies
  5. Taking help from accident reconstruction experts when needed
  6. Talking to medical professionals about your injuries
  7. Finding details that may help the case, such as the previous accident history of the at-fault driver

Lawyers can go to trial

Representing yourself in an auto accident trial is never a good idea, especially if you don’t understand personal injury law. Lawyers know defense attorneys, prosecution teams, court staff, and judges, and their local exposure can help your case. Also, an auto accident attorney knows when to take an aggressive stance to protect the interests of the client.

Have a question? Contact a law firm that you find worth your time and get an appointment to know your auto accident claim better.