What Causes Wall-To-Wall Carpet To Buckle?

Carpet buckling isn’t just unsightly, it’s dangerous. If your carpet isn’t lying flat you could easily trip and fall over it. But what causes carpet to ripple and how much of a problem does it pose? Well there are many reasons why your carpet might start to buckle, ripple, or wrinkle.

Lousy Installation

The primary reason for most wall-to-wall carpet to buckle is a poor installation job. When a carpet is laid down, the installer should stretch it out during the install. If that work is done improperly, you can start to notice the carpet coming loose from and starting to buckle in a rather short period of time.

Should you discover this is happening to your carpet, it is almost always a stretching problem. This may have occurred because the installer wasn’t familiar with how to install your specific carpet or he or she wasn’t using the right equipment to do the work correctly.

Padding Problems

When your carpet is installed, there are certain specifications that must be met in order for the carpet to be laid down properly. The same thing goes for the padding underneath the carpet. Some carpeting will require a specific type of padding to be placed down in order for the installation be done right.

You may also be dealing with cheap padding. All carpet does better on high-quality padding but if you or the installer cut corners with a cheaper alternative, you may be noticing the error pretty quickly in the form of a carpet that has begun to ripple.


Long-term moisture is never good for your carpet. That’s why your beaufortsc carpet cleaning company always makes sure to extract all of it when they deep clean your carpeting. But any kind of moisture can prove damaging to most any carpet and that includes heavy moisture in the air from humidity.

In many cases, humidity can cause the carpet to buckle after which point it flattens out again once the air gets dry again. However, if it this cycle happens on a repeated basis, that can make the carpet ripple and remain like that until a professional expert comes to diagnose how to fix the problem.

Furniture Shifting

Shifting heavy items such as bureaus, dressers, even beds and desks can also cause the carpet to buckle. This happens when you drag or pull these items across the surface of the carpeting. Due to their weight, when you move these items across the carpet without lifting them up, the legs or bottom of the item can snag and yank the carpet as it is pulled across.

The way to avoid that from happening is to lift any heavy furniture when you are moving it in or out of the room. In the event the furniture is still too heavy to lift up, try to place a flat piece of plywood or cardboard under the item as you drag or pull it over the carpeting.

When you are sliding it across the carpet, do so slowly without snagging it.