How To Eliminate Mold From Your Carpet For Good

When you determine there is mold in your carpet, your first thought might be to call your local professional carpet cleaning lexingtonsc to come out and deal with the problem. But the truth is that you don’t always need to rely on the experts in order to clean your carpet and eliminate that mold for good.

Chances are you already have the most effective means for getting rid of mold right there in your home. Depending on the extent of the problem, you may need to go with something more toxic and abrasive such as bleach or ammonia or less so with baking soda or vinegar doing the trick effectively.

You can also decide to find a store-bought solution that contains one or more of these ingredients and you won’t need to worry about concocting a homemade brew for carpet cleaning. However, if you still feel like you want to tackle the problem on your own, here are some of the options you may want to use for the type of infestation that you have in your carpet:

Baking Soda

Carpets with a slight mold problem can be cleaned rather easily by just spraying some baking soda over the affected areas and allowing it to sit overnight. Keep pets and kids away from walking over the carpet so as not to disturb the baking soda and allowing it to work. The next day, vacuum the carpet and all should be good as new.

White Vinegar

Mixing this with water and pouring into a spray bottle can be a strong ally in clearing out mold. Spray the mixture over the moldy areas and let it soak in for a few minutes. After that time has passed, put on gloves, a mask, and goggles and start to scrub with a brush. You want that protection so you don’t breathe in or carry any spores.

Over the Counter Cleansers

Here is where some of those harsh chemicals can come in to eliminate your carpet mold. You can find any number of consumer brands that have been designed and manufactured to clean your carpets and wipe out mold. Just follow the directions on the label of the product and you can see results in no time.

Get the Mold at the Source

Regardless of the cleaner you choose, if you’re not 100% sure you know where the mold is coming from you won’t be able to eradicate it completely. Sure, you’ve found mold in the carpet but that may not be where it’s originating. So check under the carpet’s backing material and then take a look under the carpet pad.

You could be identifying the origin of your mold in those locations and just because you’ve got it in your carpet doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually fixing the problem. That’s why you never want to clean only the surface fibers of the carpet. If you do, and you haven’t eliminated the mold at the source, you’re going to find that mold has returned in a short period of time.