Truck Drivers and the Technology of the Road

Working on the road can be a very difficult task. Office jobs offer employees many advantages that most of the time are taken for granted: internet access, phone lines, copy machines, faxes, paper, pens, even the desk!!! After a few days away from home, you find out how difficult the job conditions are over the road and you start to notice those small details. All Truck Drivers and especially Long Haul Truck Drivers face this fact everyday. Fortunately, today the world is growing smaller and technology increases minute by minute allowing many people to reap the benefits of it. Truck drivers are no exception. Many technological advances have improved their quality of life.

A few years ago, no one would have thought that a truck driver would ever implement the use of the internet in his day to day job. Electronic devices such as computers, palms, cell phones, billing devices and more are all available now to increase the efficiency of today’s transportation services and their employee’s. Professional Drivers benefit just as much from these communication advances as the companies they work for.

The Internet is a great tool to improve our levels of communication, allowing drivers to have access to information at the exact time and place they need it. Today Truckers are able to send and receive email and faxes, order parts and find loads on the Web for their return trips. Different companies offer wireless connections to the internet in digital and analog cellular coverage areas by connecting a laptop to a cell phone. Obviously, the advantage here is that those services are easy to use and count on wide geographic coverage.

Also, truck drivers can count on portable navigation soft wares or GPS, which can be accessed through cell phones, palms or laptops. These devices feature wireless connectivity and a customizable display, which enable more effective routing and handles detours, distractions and delays safely and efficiently. In common words, the driver can manage to locate where he is on an electronic map that will also help him to find addresses and short the time it takes to get there.

Moreover, GPS not only helps the driver but guarantees his safety while on the road. These are low cost GPS software that operate from the vehicles battery power and transmit its location report to the company. Once the unit is installed, the vehicle operator basically can forget about it. There is no driver interaction required or even possible. Besides location and time, the only event the unit monitors is whether the ignition key is turned on or off. This tracking system makes the trip safer for the driver, the clients and the company.