The Eye: What Are The Symptoms Of Eyelid Swelling?

The most common symptoms that usually appear together with the inflammation of a single eyelid are the following:

  • Eye irritation
  • Itchy or scratchy sensation
  • Photophobia or sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tear production
  • Crying eyes
  • eye dryness
  • Flaking of the eyelids
  • Blurry vision
  • Close-up of an eye with a swollen eyelid

What Treatments Exist For Eyelid Inflammation?

The treatment recommended by the specialist like lovely eye clinic for example will depend on the cause of the inflammation and its severity and how long the patient has been suffering from this problem, and if it is recurrent. Conjunctivitis and other eye infections usually subside with eye drops, which may incorporate antibiotics. The doctor must always prescribe these medications.

Treatments for blepharitis, chalazion, or hordeolum are usually diverse: intravenous antibiotics, hygienic measures, and, in certain particular cases, surgery.

Prophylactic and preventive treatments, trying, above all, to avoid exposure to the pathogen as much as possible, usually give good results when the source of the problem is eye allergies. In these cases, the doctor may also prescribe antihistamines or immunotherapy treatments to alleviate the symptoms of irritation caused by the allergy.

In addition to all this, artificial tears are usually very effective in relieving the discomfort and irritation that inflammation of the lower eyelid can cause on the surface of the eyes.

How To Avoid Puffy Eyes?

Some preventive measures that can help us avoid inflammation of the eyelids (and the eye as a whole) are the following:

Wear hypoallergenic makeup. Makeup can cause an allergic reaction; using hypoallergenic makeup will help prevent this type of reaction.

Limit the use of contact lenses. Contact lenses can cause visual fatigue and redness of the eyes, facilitating the inflammation of the area.

Perform allergy tests – Thanks to allergy tests, it is possible to know the allergens that cause symptoms, such as, for example, the inflammation of the eyelids and eyes.

Use preservative-free eye drops – Some people are allergic to preservatives used in some types of eyes drops and artificial tears. Ensuring these products are free of preservatives will also help prevent an undesirable allergic reaction.

What To Do When Your Eyelid Is Swollen?

When the eyelid of one eye is inflamed, the first thing we should do is clean the area with plenty of water to remove any possible remains of any substance that may cause this type of reaction. If this is not enough, we must immediately go to the ophthalmologist so that he can carry out a review of the patient and assess which treatment is the most recommended in each case.

Why Does One Eyelid Swell?

Only one eyelid is swollen, and neither can respond to different causes. The most common problem will be related only to the eye, the swollen eyelid. For example, an allergic reaction, an infection, conjunctivitis, or a stye or chalazion. In these last two cases, the inflammation will be located around a small lump that is usually hard to touch.