Plan The Trip After Knowing when is the best cherry blossom 2020

With the arrival of spring, the entire country of Japan rejoice. The cherry trees start blooming, and the cherry blossoms are called sakura. The unique flower of the exceptional country is the key attraction for the tourist influx during the spring. The cherry blossoms represent the abundance of spring, which renews the bounty of life. The lifespan of these flowers is very short. You can see the peak of their beauty within a couple of weeks of blooming. But after these two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. You can visit the place to join some parties too, where the Japanese make merry. Barbecues, along with drinks and fun below the cherry blossoms is a tradition.

Best time to visit

This year, the prediction for the cherry blossom shows earlier arrival. There is, of course, and average time, but 2020 is undoubtedly going to bring in some change in the timing. As the winter has been warmer, the spring will also be warmer in comparison to the average temperature range. That is why the blossom may start even a week early. If you are trying to know when is the best cherry blossom 2020then you can choose the weekend of 21 and 22 March. This timing is for Tokyo, which will be a week later in Osaka or Fukuoka. Enjoy Hanami, which in Japanese means the cherry blossom viewing. 

Flowering time may change

There cannot be exact predictions about the blossom as the flowering and the blooming process depends significantly on the weather conditions as well as the temperature range during the February and March of 2020. You will love to see them bloom as it makes the environment heavenly. The colorful blossoms bring hope, give sheer joy, and stays with you as a memory for a lifetime.