10 must try foods in Singapore

Many Singapore residents have embraced the love of food as part of their culture. This makes it one of the best states in the world with a variety of foods. If you are a traveler who likes tasting the various delicacies around the world, Singapore is the best you should plan to visit. Check out a budget hotel Singapore if you are planning to visit.

Next, we will share some of the must try foods in Singapore.

1) Frog porridge

Once you get to Singapore, you should not be scared by hearing the word frog porridge. It’s one of the cleanest foods which you must eat in Singapore. In this kind of food, frogs are soaked in soy, wine, spring onions which have milder ginger and spicy chili variations. Since it’s cooked well, you will find it to be sweet and succulent. The porridge which accompanies this meal usually has a green onion sauce.

2) Hainan chicken rice

Although this delicious dish is was named from where it originated, in Hainan, China, it is considered as one of the best dishes offered in Singapore. In preparing this meal, a big chicken is used along with rice, ginger and garlic. The chicken is served with fragrant rice that has light soy sauce. Sesame oil and cilantro are then added to the dish and accompanied with garlic chili sauce. Normally, rice is cooked with pandan leaves and ginger so that it offers it as fragrance look.

3) Nasi lemak

There are so many ways on how this Singapore food is prepared. However, if you look at it keenly you will realize that it’s rice that has been cooked using pandan leaves and coconut milk. This must-taste Singapore food is served with the following ingredients: spicy chili paste, cucumber slices, eggs, peanuts, fried anchovies, grilled fish paste, and chicken wings or deep-fried fish. Once you taste it, you will find it rich and flavorful. This can be the best food that you can try especially when you are very hungry.

4) Kaya toast with Kopi (Coffee)

Although coffee and toast may not appear to be an exciting dish for your breakfast, in Singapore they are highly valued. Kaya toast is a simple snack made of a toasted break with kaya and butter. A jam that is made of coconut milk, sugar, eggs and pandan leaves is then added. This dish is then enhanced further by pairing it with boiled eggs and a hot cup of tea or coffee. It can be the best food that you can take for your breakfast once you are in Singapore.

5) Biryani

It’s one of the famous foods in Singapore which simply involves fried rice. In this case, it is the long rice which is used, especially Basmati rice, that when cooked will have a fluffy and light texture. Usually, either fish, mutton or chicken is added. The spices used in this case include bay leaves, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon that have a heavy flavor.

6) Char Kway Teow

This is stir-fried dish that is cooked using flat rice noodles with shrimp paste, Chinese chives, bean sprouts, Chinese sausages, eggs and prawns. When cooking it, high heat and a dark chili soy sauce is added. If you love eating fried food, then you will find this food attractive to you.

7) Chilli Crab

It’s one of the must-try foods in Singapore that you can put on your list especially if you love seafood. It’s usually made using mud crabs that are cooked in tomato-based, mildly spicy gravy.

8) Pork satay

This is a grilled bamboo skewed pork that is served with a spicy dipping sauce. This sauce involves chili, peanut sauce and soy. This food is served with onions and cucumbers. It can be the best food that you can try especially during late night.

9) Sambal stingray

This is a versatile chili paste that is blended with candlenuts, shallots, spices and fermented shrimp paste. It’s then wrapped inside clean banana leaves and then grilled.

10) Carrot cake

This food comprises of grated radish that is mixed with water and floor and then steamed to appear like a cake. After that, it’s deiced, stir-fried with pickled turnip, soy sauce, spring onions, garlic and eggs. In this case, you can either eat one which has black or white soy sauce added to it.

In summary, Singapore is the best place for any person who loves food. This is because of the multi-ethnic culture of the country which has led to unique dishes and flavors. Through the variety of must-try foods given above, you will surely enjoy by filling your stomach with various delicacies.