Medical Conditions That Can Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents have killed many people than on the air and the sea. Despite installing safety equipment such as seatbelts and airbags car drivers still, make crucial mistakes that can lead to disaster. But whilst many auto crashes took place because of negligence by the driver, there are certain instances when health problems can lead to disability and death.

Diseases that Can Lead to Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a driver, you should take note that some medical conditions can lead you to a car wreck. These problems can distract your focus and make you disengaged from driving. Even with the services of competent motor vehicle accident lawyers Brisbane who can defend your case, it pays to check your health condition before you drive your vehicle. Remember, even a moment that you lose your attention on the steering wheel is a disaster in the making. 

You can be distracted in many ways. Among the likely sources are diseases. Here are some medical conditions that can cause mishaps along the road and can cost you to pay personal injury compensation for your victims.

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  • Seizures

A seizure can lead to lapses in consciousness and concentration, which makes you unable to drive. Aside from epileptic attacks, there are other types of seizures. Most drivers cannot get a licence because of this lethal condition. 

  • Stroke 

A stroke results in a rapid loss of brain function because of a stoppage of the flow of blood to your brain. And since the mind cannot function, the body is affected, making you unable to move one or both limbs on one side of your body. A stroke also could also lead to vision loss or blurring. Because of impaired vision or movement, stroke can hamper your ability to drive. 

  • Heart attack

Also called myocardial infarction, this condition takes place when the blood stops circulating because of a heart injury. This deadly health issue can take place unexpectedly even if you are taking medications. A heart attack can impair your ability to drive, making you lose control over your car.

  • Impaired Vision

Government agencies do not issue licences to drivers with vision problems unless prescription eyeglasses correct them. But aside from eye problems, the blurring of your vision can be caused by other health problems like lack of sleep. If the court finds out that the accident is a result of the negligence of the driver by not wearing corrective lenses, he or she might face imprisonment. 

  • Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other forms of dementia can lead to lapses in memory and attention. Driving especially on expressways, even a single loss of focus can cost your life and your family’s. People with any of these mental disorders can zone out for some periods. 

Importance of Personal Injury Lawyers

Since motor vehicle accidents caused by a medical condition takes place at moments you least expected, you need the service of a reputable personal injury attorney on your defence to mitigate your case. 

Even as most of the health issues can strike anytime whilst you are driving, they are not excuses for the injuries and disabilities you impute on your victim. A competent no win no fee lawyers in Brisbane can provide you outstanding service so that you can get the best outcome of the case.