Candidates for Surrogacy

Certain factors can hinder some people from getting children. Before they give up hope, they should consider surrogacy. If you are an American, you may choose a surrogacy agency San Diego ca centers, for starters.

People opting for the procedure should know that there are two kinds of surrogacies: traditional and gestational. In the former, the doctor artificially inseminates the surrogate mother with the father’s sperm. As for the latter, the woman’s eggs are fertilized with the man’s sperm to form an embryo through IVF. Now that you know a little about surrogacy, here are its candidates.

People With Infertility

Infertility affects both men and women. Knowing this, it can be hard to determine whether the reason a woman is not getting pregnant is because of the man or woman. In some cases, doctors may conduct several tests and fail to find the problem. Instead of spending more time and money finding out the root cause of the problem, surrogacy becomes the most suitable solution.

Common causes of infertility include low sperm count and endometriosis. Although these factors hinder normal impregnation, doctors can still collect the reproductive cells from men and women.

Single People

People with no romantic partner may be single due to being unlucky or as a choice. Since they cannot conceive children by themselves, surrogacy becomes the appropriate solution. The beauty of the procedure is that it works for them regardless of their fertility status.

Surrogacy thus allows these people to experience parenthood without necessarily being in a relationship. Some people would like to have children without having to live with a partner.

Women With Certain Medical Conditions

Certain conditions that risk a woman’s pregnancy include kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease. These diseases will affect not just the baby but the woman too. As a result, her life will be at risk, and the doctor may have to procure an abortion.

The diseases are not the only factors that cause the health risks but also the medication she is taking is. Some medications can harm the child, and yet she cannot stop taking them since her health is also important. Therefore, surrogacy prevents the woman from suffering further health problems.

Women Who Lack Uteruses

There are varying reasons why some women may not have wombs. First, this can happen due to a genetic disorder called vaginal agenesis. Fortunately, the condition is rare. Another reason women may lack uteruses is when the doctor removes them because of contracting cancer or endometriosis.

With no womb for the baby to develop, the woman needs the help of a surrogate mother to accommodate the fetus.

Women Who are Aging

As a woman grows older, her ability to carry and conceive a child reduces. If she happens to be forty, she may need to consider surrogacy. Nonetheless, some women still manage to give birth in their forties.


Thanks to surrogacy, you can have a child if you are unable to conceive naturally. That means you do not necessarily have to adopt a child unless you want to.

You do not need to suffer certain health problems to consider the procedure. Some women opt for surrogacy because they do not want to interfere with their careers. Others do it to retain their figure. Before criticizing them for being selfish, remember surrogate mothers usually consent to the procedure.