5 Expert Tips That Can Help You Prevent the Varicose Vein

When discussing the circulatory system, you cannot omit veins. These crucial blood vessels usually carry oxygen-poor blood from different body parts, such as the leg, to your heart. Notably, the veins comprise the valves, ensuring that the blood flows in the right direction. However, when your vein’s valves are damaged, you will experience blood backflow, especially along your legs. Consequently, the oxygen-poor blood will build up in the leg veins leading to varicose veins. This condition not only impairs your attractiveness but also causes discomfort while walking. Are you wondering how you can prevent this condition? The vein specialists from South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine recommends the following golden tips to prevent varicose vein.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many individuals who are overweight have reported bulging veins on their legs. Excessive weight usually puts more strain on the veins, increasing the chances of varicose veins. Additionally, if you are overweight, you are predisposed to diabetes which causes valve damage in the lower extremities. Therefore, you should replace unhealthy meals such as high processed sugar with healthy meals like leafy vegetables to keep your body weight healthy.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is detrimental when it comes to your vein health. Notably, the nicotine chemicals cause the narrowing of veins, thus interfering with the vein valves in the legs. This instance explains why many smokers experience pain in their legs while climbing stairs. The best thing to do if you smoke is to quit this deadly habit. Seek advice from your healthcare provider if you experience difficulties while kicking off the habit alone.

Work Smart

Individuals in an occupation that necessitates sitting for long periods are more susceptible to the varicose vein. Therefore, if you are an office worker, it would help to take frequent multiple breaks for the wellness of your leg veins. For example, you can stand and stretch your legs to boost blood circulation when seated.

Be Mindful of Your Outfits

When purchasing clothes, do not let fashion mislead you into buying some outfits that can compromise your vein health. Extremely tight clothes hinder blood circulation, especially when you wear them in the groin areas. This instance can trigger the varicose vein in the long run. Therefore, you should modify your closet from tight-fitting clothes to loose-fitting outfits. Investing in low-heeled footwear instead of high heels is also helpful in preventing varicose veins.

Stay Hydrated

Water has many benefits when it comes to the circulation system. Drinking plenty of water helps to ensure your body has optimal fluids, which helps to boost blood circulation. You also improve the wellness of the leg muscles through proper hydration, thus facilitating the upward flow of deoxygenated blood from your legs. Aim for two to three liters of water daily for optimal hydration.

Varicose is one of the debilitating circulatory complications. Notably, the protruding purple veins in your legs undermine the skin textures lowering the victim’s attractiveness. In addition, the chronic varicose vein can trigger leg pain which may cause immobility. Fortunately, embracing the above expert tips can help you minimize the risk of getting this distressing condition. If you still experience varicose veins despite your preventive measures, you should seek appropriate medical intervention.