3 Ideal Firearms for Self Defense

In today’s uncertain world, you want to protect yourself, your home and your family. There are a lot of ways you can go about this, but it’s hard to rival the protection of a firearm. Between the many types of Glocks, shotguns, rifles and other weapons available, you may be unsure which firearm is right for you — here are three firearms well suited for self defense.


Popular for their balance of size and power, handguns are easy to conceal and ideal for self defense virtually anywhere. If you choose to concealed carry, it’s very easy to keep it out of sight on your person; the options for concealed carry clothing and holsters are virtually limitless. Handguns are more comfortable to carry and hold, and 9mm bullets provide plenty of security without sacrificing control during firing. If you’re looking for convenient protection outside of your home, handguns are the way to go.


The quintessential home defense firearm, shotguns provide stopping power in place of range. These firearms are great to shoot from the hip and you don’t need expert aim to make a decent shot. From buckshots to slugs and even some combination bullets, you have a wide variety of rounds at your disposal. Shotguns are not nearly as easy to conceal due to their size and weight, so this type of firearm is better suited for home defense rather than protecting yourself in public. That being said, this type of firearm is highly reliable and has a lot to bring to the table.


While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of self defense, AR-15s are versatile and great to train with. Smaller ARs are compact and very easy to carry, and you’re able to hold the firearm closer to the barrel for steadier aim. This helps improve your accuracy, which allows you to conserve ammunition in the long run; wasting fewer shots means less potential of someone being harmed in the crossfire as well as more bang for your buck. Best of all, AR15s come standard with optics, which further improves your range and accuracy.

Keeping yourself safe an unpredictable world might seem terrifying, but the right tools can make all the difference. Remember: if you plan to own and carry a firearm, check your state’s legislation to make sure you gain all the certifications you need beforehand.