Why Nutritionists Suggest Nuts Consumption On Daily Basis?

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Nuts are the tasty snacks that are world-wide popular. The seed kernels are covered in stiff uneatable shells. Nuts are the part of different diet categories, ranging from Keto to simple Vegan. Nuts are a great source of fiber. Regardless of high calories and fats, the taste and health benefits have made the nuts one of the favorite food items. Almond, Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Pistachio, Hazel nuts, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts and Pecan are the delicious and healthy snack that are the source of valuable nutrients. Get Carrefour promo code KSA to choose separately packed with or without shells dry nuts or mix dry fruits on affordable rates.

Nutrients in Mixed Nuts

If you consume a variety of one ounce nuts, your body will receive 173 Calories, 16 grams Fat, 5 gram Protein and 3 gram Fiber. Moreover, Vitamin E, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus and Selenium are also present.


These are best for upgrading the cholesterol level. Consume almonds on regular basis will reduce the LDL harmful cholesterol. It is a low-calorie food that supports in losing weight and reducing the blood pressure. If you take one ounce almonds after taking your meal, it will control the blood sugar.


High fiber diet maintains the cholesterol level and HDL good cholesterol. Moreover, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, weight and blood pressure.


Walnuts are the flavorsome nuts that contain alpha linolenic acid and omega-three fatty acid. Consuming walnuts help in controlling the cholesterol and heart diseases. It has capability to reduce the bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol level. It supports in overcoming the inflammation, blood pressure and proper blood flow throughout the circulatory system. Use carrefour promo code ksa to choose the delicious and fresh nuts in quality packing.


These carry an amazing nutrient profile. It improves the severe signs of metabolic syndrome. If you take 20% of your diet from cashew nuts, it will effect positively on blood pressure and boost the blood sugar in metabolic syndrome patients.


Unlike other nuts, peanuts are not derived from tree nuts, these are the part of legume family, but the comparable nutrient profile has made peanuts a part of nuts family. Women who consume peanut butter throughout the week have low risk of diabetes. Moreover, the children of peanut consuming moms are less prone to allergic diseases and asthma. You can find roasted, salted, oily and sugar coated peanuts. It is better to use only peanut butter to get supreme health benefits.

No doubt, nuts are the healthiest and full of flavor snack that can be taken after meal or tea time. To get more and more advantages, try to take nuts that are modestly processed and contain no other ingredient. Usually, the processed nuts carry great amount of sugar or salt. It is recommended to select the pure form of nuts. Avail carrefour promo code ksa and start using the tasty nuts as a part of your diet and trim down the risk of chronic diseases.