Why Going Green In The ‘Green State’ Goes Hand In Hand

Oregon is one of the most committed states in the country when it comes to the proactive promotion of sustainable living. Although the title of ‘Greenest State’ is occasionally shared with Vermont few would argue that Oregon is a trailblazer when it comes to developing and promoting renewable energy sources. Hydroelectricity has long been a major contributor to the state’s energy requirements and it is hardly surprising that Oregon is now at the forefront of encouraging people to install their own solar panel systems. Their legislative and fiscal support for individuals and businesses to go solar rates as one of the best in the country, and now at the forefront of their sustainability program.

How Solar Energy Central To Oregon’s Sustainable Initiatives

The Oregon climate lends itself superbly well for solar power production. Panels work best in temperatures below 77ºF and can produce power even when its cloudy, rainy, and snowy. While it is fair to assume a dip in power generation over the darkest and wildest times of the year, those long stretches of good weather more than balance these out. Some of the state initiatives and incentives easily rate among the most comprehensive in the country. Anyone looking to perform their first solar power installation on a property should expect a significant amount of assistance towards offsetting the baseline costs involved. It is important to do the math when going solar and the best Oregon solar companies will provide plenty of support and advice on the best ways of managing these.

Use Net Metering To Support Those Green Policies

Net metering actually pays in Oregon and energy companies are legally obliged to promote this environmentally positive policy. Without delving too deep into the details, what this amounts to is that you’ll receive the same price for paying surplus energy production back into the grid as it would cost to power your own home. Over those darker months when you may require some grid energy to supplement what you consume yourself, you’ll essentially be using the power that you’ve already produced! Whether you are intending to reach full energy independence or are hoping to substantially reduce your energy costs, the benefits are plain to see and protected by outstanding state legislature.

Solar Power Helps Further Sustainable Living

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and modern panels are designed to work for at least 25+ years. As an investment for the future, it makes sense for not just cutting your energy costs but also to help play your part in reducing the state’s carbon footprint. Plenty of the best Oregon solar companies will happily help by suggesting ways you can easily cut your energy usage and make your home/business more efficient. One of the best practicalities of installing your own solar energy system is that you’ll automatically become far more conscious of how and where you spend your power. Energy efficiency surveys have a habit of surprising even the most environmentally aware people – so take advantage of these when they are offered! Remember that the more electricity you produce and the less you consume, the quicker those installation costs will be repaid.