Why Does My Cat Lose Fur?

Is your cat losing a small amount of fur throughout the day? What about a significant amount of fur that is coming out in clumps? There are subtle differences in what’s okay and what’s not when it comes to a cat’s fur loss.

This guide is going to take a look at what can cause fur loss and what to pay attention to.


This is a common reason why cats lose fur. They can start to develop parasites that settle into the skin and start to damage the surface area. This leads to a long list of problems including itchiness and fur loss.

When the skin is irritated, the cat isn’t going to feel good nor is the fur going to last. This is why it’s important to take action right away and make sure to get rid of the parasites immediately.

Skin Allergies

Allergic reactions are a serious concern when it comes to a cat’s health. There is nothing worse than being in a situation where a cat isn’t healthy and continues to have allergic reactions to its surroundings.


However, if you are starting to notice fur loss, it’s important to seek medical assistance to curb the symptom quickly. Otherwise, the fur loss is going to continue for days or weeks.


A lot of cat owners look for the best dry cat food and the best grooming salons for cats without realising the issues associated with “over-grooming.”

Indeed, over-grooming is a serious concern and something new-age cat owners deal with.

If you are regularly washing their fur, there is going to be a time when the fur weakens. A cat isn’t supposed to have its fur groomed to such an extent and that is what causes major issues over time.

Set a schedule and don’t overdo the grooming part of the routine.

Natural Fur Loss

Yes, there are situations where your cat is going to lose fur because it’s shedding. This is normal and something most long-haired cat breeds are going to do.

If you start to notice their fur around the home, this isn’t a reason to panic. Take the time to assess how much fur is being lost, where it’s being lost from, and whether or not it has to do with an underlying health condition.

Final Thoughts

Your cat losing its fur is something to keep an eye out for at all times.

If possible, you should be visiting a vet as soon as possible to get a better read on the situation. The reasons mentioned in this guide are a good example of what can cause the issue and why it’s important to remain on top of things as a cat owner. If you aren’t, the problem can worsen and this is going to cause issues over the long-term.

Please note, natural shedding is not the same thing as a significant amount of fur loss. There are differences and it’s best to visit a vet only when there is considerable fur loss.


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