Why do you need an even posture?

Now we will come to this topic from a slightly unusual side, namely the fact that

Now we will come to this topic from a slightly unusual side, namely from the fact that even posture emphasizes your athletic figure. That is, if you want to look more sporty, you will have to work on posture. Many develop their muscles, neglecting it, and then other people with direct posture seem much more athletic, although their muscles are less developed than those who focus on one muscle.

Remember that hard training of the muscles of the chest – the shoulders are pulled forward, and this makes the back already – visually. In addition, many spend most of the day sitting at the table, and this also does not greatly contribute to improving our posture. Many people try to lift as much weight as possible by training the back, switching the load from the spinal muscles to the Mesterolone 25mg in USA, shoulders and torso. But first you must learn to feel the spinal muscles, and only then increase weight.

In exercises like pull-ups, sitting block pull, barbell pull to the belt, it is the back that is developed, so – do chest with the wheel, repeat again and again with a small weight. Start to increase weight only when you learn to feel exactly the broadest spinal muscles. To feel what a balanced posture is: inhale a lot of air, stand upright, put your chest forward, straighten your shoulders, take them back a little and up, tighten your abs muscles, and keep your head straight.

At first, this position will be very unusual and strange, but you need to get used to training with this particular body position. Stand in front of the mirror between sets, fix your posture again and again. If all the rods are correctly performed (rod pull to the belt, pull in the gym while sitting, pull-ups, etc.), the posture is strengthened. In other words, the situation described above becomes more familiar to you.

There are many exercises and complexes for smooth posture, in the video below you will see one of them complexes:

Another good exercise for our posture: fix a direct posture, grab a fitness bar (3-5kg) or a light bar, hold it near the belt – in this position, quickly run or go on a treadmill.

It is also important to maintain posture in everyday life. Try to accept and maintain the correct position while walking, watch for it, correct yourself, fix it, over time this position will become natural for you. When sitting, place both legs on the floor, try not to touch the back of the chair with your whole back.

Remember – posture does not develop in the hall, but in everyday life. So if you want changes, you should always keep your back straight, your stomach tucked up, your shoulders straightened, and your eyes should be directed forward, not under your legs. But all exercises (where possible) should also be done with a flat back.

This topic is not limited to one visual side of the coin. There are many more psychological aspects and a lot of health benefits. Perhaps we will talk about this, but already in the following publications. Until new meetings, success to you, look after yourself.