White Label SEO – A Quick Guide

White label SEO is a conglomeration of two terms white-label or personalized branding and search engine optimization. White label branding just means providing services under a brand that other companies produce. This more descriptive blog about white label search engine optimization and white label branding services elaborates on this explanation. 

You can think of a white label as a way for a brand to put its logo on other companies’ products. It helps the other company market their product better in a bid to get more leads and generate more sales. Many times, white-label practices are used together with search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve a higher ranking on search engines.

To make things simple, a company needs an SEO or a white label SEO agency to create and maintain a website. If you are searching for an SEO agency, look for Freelancer SEO agencies in your area. You can also take help from freelancers on the Internet who might be willing to work for a lower price than permanent employees but will do the job efficiently. 

With these agencies, you can get yourself a reliable link-building service, link exchange service, or pay-per-click management service. These services can be availed at a fraction of the cost when compared to employing permanent staff for in-house search engine optimization.

Once you have found a suitable white label partner for your business, they will ask you to submit a reseller website where clients will be able to purchase your services. Your clients can then promote the site by creating inbound links to the product’s landing page through your links and banners posted on your site. 

To complete the sale, the client will need to register an account under the white label partner’s website. When clients buy a service or product from the reseller, you will get a commission from the product’s sale which can be paid through your agency account.

The agency will take care of maintaining the client’s website and will assist in generating inbound links to the product pages. This will generate more traffic to the website, leading to more sales for both the client and the agency. 

The advantage of hiring a white label SEO agency is that clients can be provided with SEO packages at a much-discounted rate as compared to their normal SEO costs. There is also a huge advantage that you as the SEO provider will not need to hire additional employees for the management and administration of the SEO program.

Another advantage of outsourcing your white label SEO services is that you will be able to create a dynamic dashboard that will allow you to view exactly where your SEO program is ranking in search engines. You can check the anchor text of anchor tags, the number of times each keyword appears in your web pages, and any other information that you may need. 

Also, the white label SEO provider can handle all the tedious works such as link building, keyword research, analytics reporting, and creating unique ad copy. These professionals can also handle the creation of sitemaps and detailed website reports. They can also update the product pages, create new website pages and assist in link building.

The cost of hiring the white label provider will be determined by the age of the business and the amount of time the agency is willing to devote to your campaign. If it is a relatively new online business then a cheaper option may be taken by approaching other companies who are offering similar SEO services. 

However, if you have a well-established business with a large amount of traffic then it may be more worthwhile to outsource the work. The agency should be able to provide a complete SEO package to fit into your budget as well as meet all your needs. The agency must have experience in white label SEO as not all providers do. Therefore it is essential to conduct thorough research into the company and ensure that they are an ideal fit for your business.