What You Should Do After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation could be the life-changing treatment you need to feel more comfortable, self-assured, and confident. The plastic surgery Nashville, TN specialists, can help you reduce the volume, increase the size, or enhance the shape of your breast to your liking. Breast augmentation is safe and effective, and many patients have been satisfied with the treatment. Everyone wants a smooth operation and recovery. It is crucial to consult your doctor in advance to understand what you can do to better your experience. Do the following after your breast augmentation for better results.

Skip Stomach Sleeping

The recovery might be challenging for stomach sleepers, but it is manageable. It is important to make adjustments to your sleeping positions to accommodate proper healing. Although post-recovery pain can automatically keep you from sleeping on your chest, it is important to make an intentional decision to sleep on your side or your back. You can also try a reclining chair or bed to ensure you avoid pressure on your breast. It helps maintain the implants in place and protect the incisions.

No Strenuous Work

It is necessary to take a break from your strenuous work for a specified time as directed by your doctor. Ensure you progressively resume your physical work and exercise routine as you recover from breast augmentation. You can experience post-operation complications if you soon engage in heavy lifting and strenuous work. However, inactivity is also not good for your overall well-being and can cause weakness and depression and delay your psychological and physical recovery. Consult with your doctor adequately to understand the mild activities you can gradually take to remain active and promote recovery.

Report Possible Side Effects

Watch out for possible complications after a breast augmentation and contact your doctor immediately. You might experience an allergic reaction or a rush due to antibiotics, sanitizing prep solutions, adhesives, or side effects from pain medications. Report any skin changes such as blotchy redness, rash, and itching to your doctor immediately for help. You can also go back to the clinic for inspections and evaluation.

Take Care of the Scars

Your doctor will give you special instructions to follow on managing your scars. Ensure you understand how to clean the scar and dress to promote healing. Also, avoid ointments or scar creams that can cause complications to your skin. Stick to the products prescribed by your doctor and skip over-the-counter alternatives to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Expect Swelling

Every woman’s breast augmentation experience is unique. However, it is normal to experience swelling for a few months after your treatment, and it can take a while before your breasts assume their final position, size, or shape. Swelling can be more during the initial month but improves gradually as you enjoy the results over time.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Healing after a surgical procedure is both psychological and physical. It is important to have reasonable expectations from the onset of your plan to get breast augmentation leaving room for the unknown. You might not heal fast as you anticipated, or you can become disappointed by one aspect of the entire process. Your doctor wants the perfect results for you and will do everything to satisfy your want. You must also remain optimistic throughout the process until you achieve the results.

A breast augmentation can restore your lost confidence and self-esteem. Contact the Ingram Cosmetic Surgery specialists for help understanding if the treatment is suitable for you. Schedule a consultation appointment online or make a call today to begin.

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