What are the factors which made Call of Duty: Warzone a better game than others?

Call of duty is a battle game in which there are so many players, and they have to compete with each other have to kill each other with the given equipments. Like, every other battle game, call of duty is similar to it but, it has some interesting factors, or we can say features that makes it better than other games. Those factors are graphics, maps, modes, equipments, accessibility and so on. You will find something different in this as compared to the other games.

Not only these features make this game interesting, the interconnection between other parts of this game and cold war cheats also plays a vital role in making this game different and better than others. Let’s discuss some of the factors which makes it better. 

  • The origin of the game is that earlier, it was going to release in the modern warfare part 1, but due to some issues in purchasing it, it is released in the modern warfare part 2 of Call of Duty. This game was released on March 10, 2020, and was only supported in Playstations, Xbox and Microsoft Windows, but now it can also be run on mobile phones and some other devices. 
  • There are two types of maps in this game. The first one is the verdansk, which is the map of a city and is based on a real-life city named Donetsk city. This map contains so many buildings, vehicles and a military base. The other map is rebirth island; this map is of an island and is based on a real-life island named vozrozhdeniya island. You will see this map in the black ops 4 season of call of duty, also with a new black mode in it. 
  • There are two main modes in this, named Plunder and Battle Royale. Battle Royale allows more than 100 players to play at a time, and in this mode, you have to compete with your opponents in a shrinking map which will continuously shrink until the last player remains in it. The next one is the Plunder, in which there are stacks of cash spread around the map, and you have to make a team of players and have to find the cash and the team which will find all the cash will be rewarded with 1.5 times of that cash. 
  • Then comes the equipments for this game. In the beginning, you will get an X-16 pistol, and you have to start killing your opponents with them. With the increasing levels, you will get shields also to protect yourself, and you can also pick the equipments of your opponents after killing them. 
  • Last but not least is the cheats and hacks, which are medicine for you in the time of bad conditions in the game. These cheats and hacks will save you from so many obstacles, and you can find your rivals more easily and can kill them. 



In a nutshell, Call of Duty: warzone has some factors which make it bets, and no other game can compete it. There are some of the factors in which it has gained a good position. Those factors have been discussed above; go through them.