Ways you can travel in GTA 5

Once you have downloaded the GTA 5 apkyou would wonder how to go to the places to complete your missions. You can steal or buy vehicles to do so. There are the following ways of transporting in GTA 5.

By road

It is the ordinary way of traveling in GTA 5 or any other previous version. You can get a car or a motorcycle from anyone or you can buy them for your travel. There will be options to customize your vehicle if you have the required money. The road drive will be smooth in this version of the game and you will feel like driving forever. However, you have to tolerate the traffic in a fictional city.

Use a helicopter

If you are about to travel to some places in the latest version of the game, you can use the helicopters that are available in abundance throughout the fictional city of California. You can find these choppers atop high buildings and some on-going constructions out there. So, if you are about to travel a long distance for your mission, you can consider using these helicopters instead of going with a car in the irritating traffic. You will also get to use a parachute that will be there on the top of those buildings that can help you land safely on the ground.

Go the military way

If you want to convert your travel into something more fun with some chances and attention, you can consider taking the military jets and tanks placed inside military bases in the city. Once you find a base, you can get in to grab a jet or a tank if you wish. However, there will be strong opposition to your takeover from the armed forces positioned there. You can tackle them and get out of the space with the vehicle. It is better to fly out of it as you could not go out by road crossing all those obstacles.

Travel swiftly

There may be some occasions in your mission where you would have to travel extremely fast to some destinations as the time is running out. But if you use any ordinary traveling methods such as a car or even a jet, you could not reach it on time. However, you can use another option of fast travel that will take you near your destination in no time. There will be several race points on the map of the city. If you choose to go to any of these races, you need not go there in person. Once you select a race on the map and launch it, the game will take you to the race destination. So, you can use a race that is happening near your destination point to go there without wasting your time or effort. You will fly for a few seconds and land near your final point. From there, you can easily go to the place you want within the time limit.