Ways On How To Maximize Your Winnings Against Multiple Limpers

When you face multiple limps, consider that you are in a good game. To aid you in maximizing your winnings in these games, you should adjust your preflop strategy, especially when more than one player has decided to limp you.

Raise Against Multiple Limpers

When we talk about the preflop play at domino qiu qiu, you have to remember one rule in mind. The more limpers present, the tighter you must isolation raise. This happens when you raise preflop after one or more players began to limp. The name originated from the game’s main goal which is to isolate the limper is a pot post-flop.

You cannot have much as fold equity against the multiple limpers than a single limper. With this, you can compensate by playing a tighter range. This can give you a larger equity benefit to make your raise more profitable.

Make sure to play tighter since the pot will be bloated at post-flop. This can lead to smaller stack-to-pot ratio during the flop. This will make the hands like top pair become more valuable.

Meanwhile, if you play too loose, you can flop on a pair with medium-strength or a drawing hand. When the ratio of the stack-to-pot decreases, then, it can perform poorly. Indeed, the pairs of medium-strength cards are the second-best whenever the money starts to pile in. The draws will become less valuable if you don’t have money behind to win as you hit. It is best to avoid these situations whenever you play ion a tighter preflop.

One important factor to consider is your position. If you are closer to the bottom, then, you must isolate. However, this factor is less important versus the limpers right at your front.

Raise Sizing

When you play online at domino qiuqiu, raise to 3bb plus 1bb for every limper. When you play live, raise it to 4bb plus 1bb. For example, if you decide to play live and there are 3 players to limp, raise to 7bb and that is 4 bb plus 3 bb.

Over time, these sizes have been proven to be the best. These are big enough from allowing the players behind to go on cold-calling. However, these are small enough for a limper to call happily with the wide range.

You must be prepared to do some adjustments that will maximize the value versus the weaker players. For example, if you are on a live game, and the limpers snap-call your raise to 5bb, then try the 6bb and 7bb and others. Do it until these players start folding. Then, you must have to revert to the previous size.

With this adjustment, it will allow you to see the flop using the stronger range using the biggest pot as much as possible.


In sum, when it comes to dealing with multiple limpers, you must remember not to go berserk and go isolation raising. Begin iso-raising them using the weak hands with poor playability in multiway pots. Remind yourself that you make a huge amount of money in these opponents when you hit good hands.