Tips To Design The House Interiors Like A Professional Designer

There are many people who desire to have perfectly designed home interiors. They dream of a house which looks like it has come straight out of a magazine. But it is also a fact that most people think that such well-designed house can only be achieved by employing professional interior designers. Yet this is not so. It is very easy to get the desired room decor by concentrating on its finer aspects like:

  • Style of the design: In most houses the choice of the design depends on its layout while in others, the house tends to adapt itself to the layout chosen. Some things which need to be taken into consideration when choosing the design are:
    • The room to room decor should be cohesive,
    • The aesthetics of one room should glide seamlessly into another,
    • The style chosen should reflect the personality of the house owner,
    • Current trends of home styles should be taken into consideration etc.
  • Space availability: This dictates the amount of furnishings that can be put in a room and the house as a whole. It is best to tackle the home interior by taking one room at a time based on the priority of the same. Taking the measurement of the room accurately helps to choose the correct sized furniture thereby preventing the room from looking claustrophobic. The location of the electrical outlets should also be taken into consideration since they have an impact on the placement of the furniture.
  • Establishing a colour scheme: Experts say that the paint has a deep impact on the mood of a person. It also has the capacity to bring about a virtual increased in the space available. The colour scheme should initially be about a favourite piece of furniture or furnishings. Then on the basis of the same, the whole room needs to be colour co-ordinated. In fact there are 3 cardinals to the choice of house colour. They are:
    • Walls and carpets colour scheme should consist of one dominant colour,
    • The colour found on accessories and fabrics is the secondary colour and should be treated as such and
    • In order to give the room a little drama, the accent colour should be sparingly used.

The walls should be coloured in the end and the accessories and furnishings chosen should be in sync with the wall colours.

  • Utilising light: In a house light refers to the light source which may either be natural like the sun or unnatural like the bulbs that we switch on. While making maximum use of the available natural light is a mandatory part of house decoration, the use of artificial lights is generally done to augment the entry of natural light. Windows, skylights and other such regions ensure the availability of ample amount of natural light. The use of mirrors also helps to make the light look bright and airy. In order to control the amount of natural light coming into the room, shades or curtains in colours in sync with the respective wall colours should be chosen.

While most feel that this about completes the list but the secondary characteristics of home interior designs also play a very important role and should not be avoided at all costs.