Tips of hanging curtains

Curtains add to the beauty of windows to an amazing extent. Without the curtains, windows have a dull and unattractive outlook. Curtains give a completion to the beauty and look of your rooms. 

In addition to adding beauty to your rooms, curtains have several other benefits. For example, curtains not only block the entrance of sunlight into your rooms but also they help in creating a comfortable indoor environment. 

But, the important thing you need to know in this regard is how to hang curtains in a suitable and compatible way. You need to be careful in this regard in order to give a good and unique look to your rooms. 

There are several ways you can use to hang the curtains; here we will discuss some of them.

  • Keep proper height:

The most important technique while hanging the curtains is keeping the proper height of curtains. Otherwise, it will have a negative effect on the outlook and beauty of windows as well as rooms.  Hanging the curtains high will definitely give a luxurious and beautiful look to the indoor environment. The pole must be fixed 4 to 12 inches above the window.

  • Curtain rod wider than the window:

Keep in view that the curtain rod must be almost 3 inches wider than the window from each side. It will make the window look larger than it is. At the same time , it will allow more light to keep the room fresh and bright. It will also help to prevent shadows on the sides of windows.

  • Long curtains:

Try to keep the length of curtains more, because it gives a more beautiful and luxurious look to your rooms. Curtains should fall to hit the ground. But , if you don’t want to keep them so long, you can cut the fabric at the point where it touches the ground or an inch above. It can save the fabric from getting dirty.

  • Good quality fabric: 

Quality of the fabric used in curtains matters a lot. There are several kinds of fabric available in the market for curtain making. For example velvet, linen and other stuff are available in the market. Using heavy or dense fabric provides more privacy as well as they look more formal. On the other hand, using a light fabric curtain filters the light and gives a casual look. It is up to you what kind of fabric you choose for curtains. 

  • Using a template:

Making a template before hanging a curtain, helps a lot. It gives more accurate and proper placing and fitting. It would not only make the hanging of curtains easier and simpler but also it will be greatly helpful in saving the time. You can also use level to keep the placing of curtains accurate.


Before hanging the curtains you must be well aware of the above given techniques. Using these techniques, you can give your rooms an awesome look through well managed hanging of curtains.