Tips for Avoiding Fake ID Scams?

In this age of online businesses and digital communication, it is quite common for people to think about using fake ID. Especially in situations where strict age restrictions apply, such as the purchase of alcohol or the entry to entertainment venues. However, fabrication or possession of a fake ID can have severe legal consequences. In this blog, we will outline and elaborate on the various aspects of using or possessing a fake ID.

1. Types of Fake ID:

Fake IDs come in various forms, from a basic forged document to a sophisticated counterfeited one. The former is produced by making simple modifications to an existing valid ID, while the latter involves creating a complete copy, which may require sophisticated materials and equipment. There are also novelty/funny IDs used as a joke or gift that have no intention of being used to misrepresent or deceive identification.

2. Legal Implications:

The manufacture, distribution, or use of fake IDs is considered as a criminal offense. If caught, you will be subject to a punishment, such as a monetary fine, probation, jail time, community service. Depending on the state, and the severity of the crime, the penalty can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. Fake ID makers may even face federal charges that carry fines of thousands of dollars and imprisonment for years.

3. Detection Techniques:

With technology, detectors and detection techniques have been developed. Identifying Fake ID’s can be easy or difficult to distinguish from an authentic one, depending on the level of sophistication involved in the production of the fake ID. Some essential factors that can give it away or catch on a FAKE are the formatting differences, font or typography inconsistencies, security features like holos, microprint, guilloche, or UV printing, and the actual verification of your identity.

4. Risks Involved:

Using a fake ID comes with a range of risks and consequences, from getting banned, kicked out of an establishment, not served alcohol, criminal charges, or even getting expelled from school. A bad fake could even make you a target of investigation or constant surveillance, not to mention your future job applications or university admissions.

5. Variables to Consider:

It is important to understand the reason why you want a fake ID, the risk you are willing to put up with, and whether it is worth it. At times, it could be a matter of convenience, but one must think of the repercussions should law enforcement catch them. It also important to consider the fact that establishments that serve liquor are doing so while under a liquor license and can be held liable for allowing patrons under the age of 21 to be served.  Lastly, some establishments could outright refuse to serve people who present a fake ID, whether or not it is a good counterfeit.


Using a fake ID could have serious legal implications, from fines and probation to jail time. It is a criminal offense, and production of fake identification cards or a driver’s license involves severe penalties. While detection techniques have improved drastically, there remain a few loopholes that one can fall into. In the end, it is essential to re-think before indulging in the use of a fake ID and consider the repercussions that come with it. Safety, honesty, and weighing the risks versus the benefits are key considerations in avoiding the pitfalls of fake identification.