Things You Should Know About Your Trophy

We all assume that all trophies are made of gold because of their glittering; this is not so, all awards that glitters not made of gold due to the high quality of gold. The trophies that do not contain an element of gold are popularly gold-plated.

Award and trophy manufacturers make use of plastic injection techniques to make their products. The procedure is efficient in the moulding of intricate shapes and sculptures.

However, we can use other materials to create awards and trophies.  Examples of these materials are -nickel, glass, wood, alloy, silver and bronze. Also, some plastic cast trophies are plated.

There are other popular options, such as the use of plastic top with a wood base (usually having a space for engraving)

Another option for a complete plastic trophy which has a plate for engraving the awardee’s name.

Some manufacturers strengthen their trophies by moulding metal studs into them. The metal studs add weight to the trophies. Gypsum is sometimes injected into the base to give more strength and weight.

Trophy Moulding Process

In  trophy   (ถ้วยรางวัล, which is the term in Thai )production, plastic injection technique is the most popular and widely used technique. Some cups are cast piece by piece while some are cast in one place.  Other methods of trophy production are also used.

The trophy components are formed with steel dies. When it’s put in the moulding machine, it releases liquid plastics which saturates the dies and moulds the different trophy components.  Some components like the base are injected with metal studs like gypsum to give it more strength and weight.

After the process of moulding the components, the assembling follows. Adequate care is employed in the assembling process.  As for single component trophies, the producers need to inspect the trophy thoroughly before engraving.

Trophy Engraving

Engraving process looks like the most straightforward part of trophy making. Even at that, great skill and precision need to be employed. Types of engraving include hand engraving, laser and rotary engraving.

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