The Ultimate Guide To The Cannabis Pipe: A Beginner’s Guide With Facts, Tips, And Tricks

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to invest in a pipe, read on! Once you own this stoner’s secret weapon, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. A pipe is an excellent introduction to the world of smoking weed—and this is not about getting your first joint (although that’s also a great way to start!).

There are plenty of misconceptions about pipes that newbies need to know before they dive in: Is it safe? How exactly do they work? And which type should you buy?

Let this article be your guide to finding the right pipe for you and getting acquainted with your new best friend.

What Is A Pipe?

A pipe is a smoking apparatus that looks like a pipe. There are several different types of pipes, including ashtrays, rolling machines, cannabis grinders/extraction devices, and bowls/porcelain pipes, among others.

Pipes are also known as “smoking utensils.” Ashtrays are the most common type of pipe. They’re designed to hold cannabis and ashes, which is why they’re also called “a safe smoking tool.”

Why You’ll Want To Use A Pipe

Pipes look like pipes. They’re easy to fill with enough weed to get you high. And they don’t smell like smoke. There are lots of reasons to try using a pipe instead of joints, blunts, or bongs:

– Pipes are discrete, so it’s easier to smoke in public.

– Pipes are easier to use than joints, blunts, and bongs. – You can control your dosage and smoke only as much as you want.

– Pipes are easier to clean than other types of smoking apparatus.

– You can carry a pipe with you and smoke when you’re ready.

– Pipes are less likely to get you caught up in “stash-time” or “dry-time.”

Which Type Of Pipe Should You Buy?

There are hundreds of different styles of pipes available, but there are two types: straight and bent.

– Straight pipes are generally made of metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic.

– Bent pipes are more common and are shaped like a U or S. They’re easier to use than straight pipes. – If you’re new to smoking weed, get a straight pipe. Bending pipes can be difficult for beginners.

– If you want to use one kind of marijuana, get a pipe that’s generally used for that particular strain.

– If you want to smoke a blend of different types of weed, get a pipe that’s versatile enough to handle it.

How To Choose The Right Size And Shape

Size: The diameter of the bowl of your pipe should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your joint or blunt. If it’s too big, it’ll be hard to get enough smoke in your lungs while keeping the burning weed in the pipe.

Shape: Try smoking out of different types of pipes to see which one you prefer. Some people like the taste of smoking weed better with a glass pipe than with a porcelain one. Other people notice a major difference in the effect of smoking bud with glass versus porcelain.