The Perfect measures for the Perfect Sports Betting

By bank transfer you will be redirected to the chosen bank where you will complete the deposit actions, either by mobile or computer. Make a visit to to understand the best details. You must complete the process by logging into your account to make the deposit. AstroPay Card is a viable option for anyone looking to outsource the deposit. At astropay you buy a credit card that will receive number, month of validity and CVV. This card is automatically discarded after use.

How to Cash Out at Betfair

If you knew how to make a deposit with Betfair, then withdrawing money from your account will not be a problem for you. The deposit options are ecoPayz and bank transfer, where:

  • If you deposited by ecoPayz, you will only be able to withdraw to ecoPayz.
  • If you deposited via bank transfer (any bank), bank slip or astropay, you can withdraw to bank transfer of your choice.

It is also important to note that all withdrawals will only be processed if made to the account of the same name and cfp as the Betfair account holder. Therefore, you will not be able to cash out on third party names. It is a standard adopted by any bookmaker as a way to prevent fraud.

Cash out is a four step process

Click on “My Account” from the computer and click on withdraw. By mobile click the icon, payments> withdrawals;

Click on “My Betfair Account” followed by “Payments” and at the end “Withdrawal”;

Choose the desired Betfair payment option and enter the amount;

Confirm your password and select the yellow “Withdraw / Withdraw” button.

Withdrawing your money is a very simple process.

How long will I wait to deposit and withdraw my money?

This all depends on the transaction you are depositing and not Betfair. There will be the operator’s financial transaction and upon confirmation Betfair will credit your money in no time.


When you deposit by ecoPayz or Astropay, your money will fall into your Betfair account in seconds. If the deposit is made by bank slip, you will receive it only the next business day. By bank transfer the average deposit time varies from 1h to 3h.


Withdrawals are Betfair’s responsibility. If you choose ecoPayz your money is in your account within 1h, if you choose via bank transfer you will receive it the next business day.

Can I trust Betfair?

Obviously yes. They are together with Bet365 the best known betting site among Brazilians and one of the easiest to use, whether you are a beginner or not. Betfair has the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) seal, a body that competently regulates various sectors of the gaming industry. Homes with this seal protect customer integrity, promote fair play, ensure the integrity of their games, and keep homes free from criminal activity. Having this seal and keeping it is a job Betfair does so well that they are class A in this online gaming regulator.