The Influence of Social Media on Depression

Today, we are living in an era where we hardly have 2 or 3 real friends. However, the friend list on our social media accounts tells a different story altogether. No matter if we know them personally or not, we are literally desperate for the same person’s likes and comments on our pictures and videos that we upload. It’s like kids are not envious of students who are doing well in education and sport, rather all they care about is their social media popularity. Hence, social media comes with a lot of evils and also influences depression in many ways.

The pressure of social media is ruining especially the youth of this generation. Expectations are what eating them up every passing day. People crave to have the most followers and fewer followings. It’s seriously pointless to cry for others to follow you, to love you with their positive comments, to see you as an inspiration. You can’t always be the center of attraction, and kids or young adults really need to reflect upon this scenario a little bit more. This is one of the reasons why depression and anxiety have become so common in kids today.

Socializing is not evil, it’s good to connect with people, to share opinions and views, likes and dislikes, pictures, stories and whatever they want to, but the extreme obsession for social media fame can really result into something very disturbing.

Do you think Etika- the YouTuber who recently committed suicide did justice to his parents or himself? Was committing suicide a solution to deal with the trolls he was facing? Obviously not. Being a public figure is a real courageous task, and getting trolled is the first thing to ignore.

With the rise in social media, the suicidal rates have also increased, and one of the reasons is the unbearable pain of not being popular on social media. Parents really need to keep a close eye on their kids’ social media accounts and the reasons for the change in their behavior.

What should parents be careful with?

  • If your kids gradually start disconnecting from their day to day activities, do cross-check and try to find out if your child is facing any kind of difficulty.
  • If they are anxious even about small things, make sure to Google anxiety treatment near me to find the best cure for your kids.
  • If they find excuses to stay away from home, do talk to them about their problems and help them with a solution instead of blaming them for their mistakes.