Telugu Actors Who Have Acted In More Than 100 Movies


Compared to character artists, those who play lead roles in films have to be very cautious when choosing the movies and the parts that they are given to play in a Telugu movie; however, some actors have signed films in the manner that they come. What happened is that they suffered losses, but this did not keep them from making the movie very entertaining to their audiences and have remained very strong in their character roles of heroes. In this article, we have tried to sample some of those heroes that have had roles in over 100 films.

Murali Mohan

Murali Mohan has stared in over 350 films. This well-known actor came to the limelight after he played a role in the movie Tirupathi that DasariNarayana directed. He was blessed by success, and in the event, he opened his production studio named the Jayaberi Arts. In several years he has been holding posts in the Tollywood industry that have helped him shape it.

Mohan Babu

He is known popularly as the king of collected because his movies collect huge profits on the market, Mohan has appeared in more than 560 films, and in each movie, he plays roles that are pivotal not the supporting ones. Another fantastic thing is that his sons and daughter are actors too

Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad, compared to other heroes, is a very different kind. Audiences are entertained massively by his comical stances; he acted as a hero in almost 160 movies and has changed now to work in roles that are fitting to his age.

Murali Mohan Movie Amara Deepam

Shiva Prasad and Hari are siblings, on one time shiva accidentally breaks a family photo, Hari becomes angry and beats up shiva very bad which makes him escape from because he feared his parent’s punishment. After Hari escapes from home, he joins a smuggler who is very notorious; the smuggler changes his name and calls him by his late son’s name Shri Krishna. Krishna grows up to be a womanizer who only spends with a woman one night. However, he falls for a girl named Parvati, his sister’s friend. What he does not know is that his brother Shiva and Parvati are in love with each other.

Mohan Babu Movie Rowdy

This movie starts in a Hyderabad street whereby some people are harassing a girl at night while she was going to her hostel, she is saved by Krishna who offers to accompany her to her quarters. While going, they introduce themselves to each other and come to learn that they come from the same village in Andhra Pradesh. Later the girl Sirisha inquires about Krishna’s father, Krishna is moved to flashback about his father who is a leader of a mafia known as Anna. Anna always thinks suitable for the people he is a powerful man and controls the political arena too.

Rajendra Prasad Movie Bewars

Rajendra Prasad is known as Satya Murthy’s own small business, and he stays with his son and daughter. Satya believes that his son has no any goal in life; however, Lucy has an ambition, and his purpose is in the Aeronautics; however, his dad does not want that for him he persuades him to join the UPSC these does not go well with lucky, and it results to daily quarrels’ among father and son. Siri manages to resolve the conflict, and Lucky is endeared to her. In the meantime, lucky falls in love with a charming girl, and his sister falls for a very educated guy.

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