Reasons To Spend Summer In Japan

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You have heard about the snow-capped mountains in the winter and the cherry blossom in the season of spring, but what makes summer so special in Japan. Well, there are plenty of reasons you should arrange a trip to this country during the summer despite the unfriendly climate. One of the prominent reasons to make your trip to Japan during the summer is to witness the famous Matsuri, which is the biggest festival when fireworks are on display everywhere. For instance, the Sumida River Fireworks is one of the most appalling events to watch over million visitors making a trip to this city during this time. Besides this, the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto goes on for the entire month of July. Apart from this, you should not miss the multi-colored yukatas dancing to the conventional music during the Obon Festival of summer.

Climbing the mountain and enjoying in the beaches

The climbing season in Mount Fuji begins in the month of July and continues till September. While temperature in the mountains is cool, it creates an ideal ambiance for hiking. Even if you are averse to climbing mountains, anyone can climb the mountain in about five to seven hours and descend within three to five hours. You cannot imagine a trip to Japan without making it to the golden beaches with over thirty-thousand km coastline. While the best beaches are in the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa, you may also come across several beaches in various parts of Japan. Therefore, summer in Japan can be one of the endearing holidays to spend. From the culinary perspective, you should miss the ice dessert kakigori when you are in Japan in the summertime.

Beer garden and the scenery

The entire country fills with vibrant colors and the skies are clear in Japan. From Hokkaido in the northernmost island of Japan to Akeno Sunflower Field in Yamanashi, the fulfilling sensation is hard to skip. From late May to the early part of September, the lively beer garden in the rooftops of Kyoto and Tokyo are places where you can drink and eat merrily. Therefore, head on and get tickets to visit the city of rising sun in the summer.