Pros and cons of private labeling on Amazon

Pros and Cons of private labelling - Orderhive

The business model means you are selling the product that you own legally. Private label business sells product on Amazon under their brand name. It is the products you manufacture or the white-label ones you buy from vendors. 

As a private label retailer, you must add your branding to the product before launching in the market. Your supplier may contract with another private-label business if you source the products from a white-label manufacturer. 

Pros of private labeling on Amazon

Go now and understand the benefits of selling private labeling products on Amazon. If you want to start selling your private labeling products on Amazon

  • Own your brand

The private labeling on Amazon will give you the freedom to market, grow, and price the products to increase sales and profits. There is no need to seek brand approval or jump through hoops to determine the discount prices to resell the products at a higher price. 

  • Increase the margins

It is determined that if you sell wholesale products, you are buying from a brand vendor or owner who has marked up the price and left a lower profit margin. But with private-label products, you can get the best deal on inventory and increase your profit margins. 

  • Make the product unique. 

You can easily customize your product. With private labeling on Amazon, you can look at customer reviews on products and pay attention to any issues people have with their purchases; these are great indicators to make the product unique. 

  • Control of the product detail page 

When you are launching private label products, you have to create a product listing on Amazon. It means you can easily edit the images, copy, pricing, and keyword that you want. 

Cons of private labeling on Amazon

Apart from benefits, there is some downside to selling private labeling on Amazon. As the seller, it is important to stay aware of such drawbacks, also.

  • High initial investment 

Private labeling the products will cost you thousands of dollars in starting, but take it as an investment in the long term. If the sellers take private labeling as long-term investments, then it may be beneficial for you. 

  • Branding 

Even branding is a unique point of difference for private labels, and it needs a high budget, a long time, huge efforts, and creativity that are appeared as an obstacle for a fresh starter business. 

  • Higher risks 

Spending a certain amount of money on the launched products and branding carries some risk. You are not buying the established brand, and there is always the possibility that your private label is not giving the expected ROI. 


It is concluded that it is good to sell private labeling products on Amazon. There are many benefits of selling private labeling products on Amazon. The number of benefits of private labeling is more than the number of drawbacks. 

So, we can say that private labeling on Amazon is a worthy long-term investment to transition as an Amazon private brand.