Pain On Top Of The Foot: What Could It Be?

Feeling pain in the foot is not normal and can mean many things. Therefore, at the slightest symptom, you should look for a specialist foot orthopedist who will assess what may be causing this discomfort. It is essential to note the exact location of the pain. If your case is pain on top of the foot, this content will clarify the main doubts and indicate what can be done in cases like this.

The top of the foot is called the Dorsum. It is formed by small bones connected. Near these bones are some tendons. They are the ones who are subject to injuries, so much so that one of the main causes of pain on the foot is due to accidents or trauma, as they can generate fractures or micro-injuries in this specific region. In this scenario, the search for an orthopedist is necessary, as some orthopedic problems caused by wear can arise, such as tendinitis, arthrosis, arthritis, deformities, or even cavus foot.

What Can Cause Pain On Top Of The Foot?

Many factors can explain foot pain and sore paw (เจ็บอุ้งเท้า which is the term in Thai). One of them is quite common: the use of tight or uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, always choose comfortable shoes that leave your feet in the correct position, so they are not harmed when walking or doing high-impact physical activities. Otherwise, pain on top of the foot will arise. In the specific case of physical activities, counting on the help of a professional can help with posture and impact relief, which will help relieve pain on top of the foot.

Pain On Top Of The Foot: Is There Treatment?

After looking for a specialist foot orthopedist, the patient will be referred for the correct treatment, depending on your case. However, some preventive measures can be taken to avoid this type of pain or minimize it in everyday life, but remember that nothing replaces a medical evaluation. One of the tips to minimize pain or prevent it from happening, especially for those who practice high-impact physical activity, is to perform stretching; this way, you will be able to increase joint flexibility.

Another critical point, especially if this pain has been chasing you for some time, is to massage the pain site for a few moments. Combining this measure with footrest and comfortable shoes will help alleviate the pain on top of the foot.

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