Main features of Instagram to promote your business

Keep in touch with social media changes is a challenging aspect as almost every week, a new feature is added. Your social media marketing needs to know about these features as it helps in improving your business. Going with the flow of updates can help in increasing the number of followers. However, you can make a good impression in front non-Instagram followers (seguidores no Instagram).

As the features of Instagram are continuously changing, lots of users are not aware of it. Thus, in this content, we are going to discuss the main features of Instagram.

Archive post

You can remove a post from the profile grid in this feature, but it will remain in your account. Through this, if you are doing a business of product selling and that product is not available at a time, then the Archive feature can be used.

  • No one can see the post, but you see
  • You can restore that post whenever you want
  • It keeps all the comments and likes.


You like to save some posts in your device gallery, but you can’t do it. So the collection is the best feature for you. Here you can save the post and watch it any time. However, you will not face difficulty in finding.

Sticker of hashtag

You can make a custom sticker of the hashtag as per your need. All you need to do is click the picture and search the hashtag sticker. Then write the hashtag you want and then post it on your story. Through this, if someone will find the hashtag, your story will be seen to them.


The rewind is also a great feature in which you can make some funny videos to entertain your friends and followers. However, if the public likes your content, then they will share it with their friends. Therefore, it can help in boosting engagement.

Eraser brush

If in an image you don’t like some parts so you can use this feature. Moreover, you can use your favorite color to make something creative.

Download stories

There are several editing options available on Instagram, so one can use these options to edit the image. After editing it, you can download the image to republish it in the profile section. However, some professionals use this option to make their profile attractive.


Reels are the new option on Instagram, and everyone knows how attractive it is. You can make a short video of 30 seconds in reels and then post it on your Instagram. Here it does depend on you that want kind of content you want to share.


These are some features that can help you promote your business and grow your Instagram account’s popularity. However, one can share their live session in Instagram stories or posts. So try to stay updated with the features of Instagram that can help you make a good reputation.

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