How to clean and care for Waterhog floor mats?

As you are probably aware, we have a large selection of commercial mats. However, we like our Waterhog mats. These are the industry standard for commercial use in areas with a high volume of foot traffic.

These mats should be installed at the entrance to any company in a wet weather location.

Waterhog mats are available in nine various colors, trap 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, and are all manufactured in the united states.

So, one often asked question is, “How do you clean Waterhog mats?”

The short answer is that you clean them similarly to other mats, but further information on how to properly clean and preserve Waterhog Impressions HD logo mats are provided below…

Dry mats

If the mat is dry, shake it off before vacuuming it using a commercial or industrial vacuum that has far more power than a domestic vacuum.

Dry mats should be shook and vacuumed at least once a day. If the mats get very dusty as a result of heavy traffic, shake them out and vacuum them more than once a day.

Wet mats

Wet waterhog mats, as well as dry mats that need to be thoroughly cleaned, should be hosed off. If feasible, tilt the mat slightly and water it off from one end to the other with a powerful jet.

Although it is not essential, you may use shampoo and steam clean them while hosing them down. After that, put them flat to dry.

Maintain the cleanliness of your mats

Clean mats will always outperform filthy ones. So, be sure to clean your mats on a regular basis and have many mats so you can replace filthy ones with new ones.

Mats take many hours to dry, so you’ll need another mat to replace it while the first one is drying.

Mats are an easy and low-cost way to make any place safer. Mats improve traction, keep dirt and water out of your area, and Waterhog mats actually trap water inside the mat.

How custom logo mats can enhance your business?

They contribute to making a good first impression

You only have one opportunity to create a good first impression. Customers and visitors will see your entryway first, and it may provide a strong first impression if it is professional and tidy. Entrance mats aid in the preservation of dry, clean, and safe flooring. To introduce or reinforce your brand, they may be personalized with your business name, logo, and slogan. A corporation that proudly displays its trademark at the entry conveys confidence, pride, and seriousness about what it is doing. Can you create a more favorable first impression?

They introduce your business and raise brand recognition

Every year, businesses spend a lot of money to acquire new clients. Custom logo mats might aid you in this endeavor. Aside from making a nice first impression, an entry mat may be your first point of contact with prospective consumers. Customize it to expose them to your brand and corporate culture at first look. Customers that enjoy what they see may consider visiting your business and learning more about your items. It’s a low-cost investment that can help you grow your consumer base.