How science fiction is becoming more and more real?

It is mostly seen in science fiction movies that the light gets switched off when you enter your bed, your umbrella blikd if there is raining forecast, your car reroutes your way to the office in case there is a delay for heavy traffic, and every time you see this you think all these are science fiction and it is not possible in current times. Well, now it is possible to get all these services from your day to day appliances and gadgets because of the new technological advancement known as the Internet of things or Fiot. In case of the internet of things the appliances directly connect themselves with the internet and extract relevant information from it to utilize them later for their own services.

How three sets of chips can do miracles?

Now that you understand what internet of things is, you might be thinking that all these technologies must be very very expensive, but the reality is all you need to upgrade a normal electronic gadget or appliances into an Internet of thing gadget, are three different sets of chipsets. You need a receiver which will help the gadget to gather all the relevant information, then you will need a processing chip which will process this relevant data, and the last one is the output chip which will determine how to react to this processed data.

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