Go Forth and Be Among the First to Check Out America’s First Cannabis Restaurant

The times they are a’changing and part of that change, at least for this millennia, is how our culture perceives cannabis. Gone are the days of cannabis being the “devil’s lettuce” and instead, today, weed has become largely legalized in the state of California. While there are some stipulations, such as no consuming, smoking, or vaping in public or on federal lands, all adults over the age of 21 can consume, smoke, and/or vape on private property where allowed. And such private property allowances includes businesses like Lowell Cafe and Lowell Farms.

Lowell Cafe and Lowell Farms: Two Fantastic Businesses Under One Roof

Lowell Herb Co. first debuted in February 2017 with a specialty Valentine’s weed bouquet that was available for delivery throughout the Los Angeles area. This bouquet was truly one-of-a-kind, comprised of an ounce of the highest quality Purple Princess cannabis and accentuated with eucalyptus and locally grown and sourced wildflowers. The flowers were a huge success and ever since, our company has been dedicated to surprising and offering new interpretations of old concepts. The Lowell Cannabis Restaurant is the latest rendition of that.

Opening up this month in West Hollywood, the Lowell Cafe will be the very first cannabis cafe not just in California, but in all of the United States. As one might expect, at Lowell Cafe Co., guests will be able to purchase and consume Lowell Farms cannabis. Additionally, the cafe is proud to offer a full menu of Americana dishes crafted by the highly esteemed Head Chef Andrea Drummer. Drummer is renown in the industry for preparing decadent cannabis and non-cannabis dishes and has previously worked as a private chef for popular artists and personalities like Wiz Khalifa and Chelsea Handler. At the Lowell Cafe, she’ll be prioritizing on offering non-infused dishes designed to complement the onsite cannabis. Such menu items white bean hummus and southern fried chicken sandwiches.

The Lowell Cafe

Because vaping and smoking cannabis are still under the same restrictions as cigarette smoke with concerns to food and bar establishments, the Lowell Cafe is separated into dining and non-dining spaces. Guests can opt to enter the overarching 20,000 square space through one of two business entrances that then open into three distinct sections. Those sections include:

  • A 1,600 square-foot cafe where guests can order and eat the delicious non-infused food and non-alcoholic items. This cafe has its own business entrance.
  • A 2,500 square-foot indoor lounge where guests can enjoy smoking, vaping, and eating cannabis products grown, packaged, and sold by the Lowell Herb Co. part of the Lowell business. This lounge also has its own entrance and a wall separates it from the cafe but guests can easily walk between both as they desire.
  • A 1,800 square foot outdoor garden that’s accessible via doors in the lounge and where cannabis edibles, vaping, and smoking are allowed.

Just as this company began with flowers, it continues with flowers. In both the lounge and outdoor garden, guests will enjoy Tableside Flower Service by a Flower Host. This unique service will allow guests to ask questions and learn more about each of Lowell’s different cannabis strains and flavor profiles. Hand-rolled joints by the Flower Host are available as well as bongs and dabs.

Are You Ready for a New Experience? Visit Lowell Cafe Today

Already, nights are being reserved out as all of LA looks forward to the grand opening of this first-of-its-kind cafe. Visit our website today to learn more.