Five Things any HOA Should Know about HOA Management Companies

An HOA management company is hired to enforce and maintain the integrity of the association’s policies, facilitate communication between board members, residents, and vendors, as well as help handle daily operations. An HOA that hires this company can save time, money, and stress. However, many people mistake this company for the HOA board itself. If your association is still wondering if you should hire an HOA company, it helps to know more about it:

An HOA Management Company is a Third-Party Company

An HOA management company is not the HOA or the board members. It is hired to help enforce a community’s policies, facilitate communication with homeowners, and help with ongoing maintenance of common areas. The HOA board makes the rules and decisions while an HOA management company helps enforce these rules and decisions. 

The Company Offers Scalable Management Solutions

Different phoenix hoa management companies provide a variety of services to fit the different needs of communities. Master-planned single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes usually have different amenities and common areas and have unique needs. The services these companies offer include accounting management, vendor assistance, homeowner and resident support, project management, deed restriction management, architectural control assistance, and more. 

It Works with Board Members with Transparency

A reputable HOA management company will offer transparent, open, and honest communication with board members as well as homeowners and vendors. It keeps detailed records of all incoming and outgoing communication. Also, they keep well-documented Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), and other governing documents. 

It Helps Build Community

Although HOA management companies enforce the rules and policies the HOA and board members set, they want to improve the value and sense of community within a neighborhood. They pay attention to detail and concentrate on how they can include homeowners and residents in each step of the way. The best management company encourages the board to plan holiday events and for fun to help improve the community’s quality of life. It works to ensure everyone in the community has a safe and secure living environment. 

It Encourages Sustainability

A good HOA management company recognizes the benefits of going green. It encourages HOAs to adopt policies regarding solar panels, composting, and community gardens. But, although the company can offer assistance and instruction, it can’t make the rules. So, homeowners must check with their HOA board before they make any home adjustments that might interfere with existing regulations.