Dormer additions raise the roof

With a dormer from roof repair Toronto, you are likely going to add space to your home. At times, regular houses additions are impossible. If that is the case, it makes most homeowners turn to dormer, which is an addition that typically protrudes via the roof, creating a ceiling that is higher and extra interior space.

You don’t have to change the footprint to the house when utilizing dormers to add space. There are additions which might run you into setbacks as you are unable to change the house footprints. With the dormer, you are not going to change the floor plan. The foundation will not be changed. You will have to add it.

Who should get a dormer?

Dormers are gaining popularity among the homeowners whose needs are not being met by what they have currently. They are great for those who are happy in their homes but require additional space.

Why get a dormer

While some say dormers might be a valuable addition to your home, but your needs and wants might change as you get older and begin a family. Your current needs are different from what it was five years ago. Some clients will add a dormer because they want to add a bathroom on their second floor. Though having a dormer might be a different project, they are tied in the larger remodelling projects.

Add bathrooms and bedrooms with a second-floor dormer will be able to free some space on the first floor for a living area that is expanded home dens or office

What about the cost?

There are additional costs with the added space. A dormer which adds only a window to your home for allowing airflow and light might cost you about $4000.  A bathroom addition ranges between $23000 to about $25000 including materials and projects which are more significant, which can breach about $100000 easily.

Style to choose

You also have to consider the style, shape and size of the dormer. When for example, you are choosing the roof type for the dormer, you will have to look out at the roof of your home. You have to make sure that the roof of the dormer can rise not higher than the house roof. If not, it will negatively draw the eye, and it will not be pleasing aesthetically.

Most of the common dormer styles commercial roofer orlando types are gable, peaking in the middle and descending on the sides, which resembles a dog house. The second type that is very common is one that resembles a shed, which usually slopes down from the point that is highest in the back.

Plan ahead

As a homeowner, you have to remember that, any home addition will take time, and in most cities, you will be required to get a permit for the building before you commence work. It is the contractor who will handle the process of the permit application, but it might take several weeks to months for all the necessary documentation to be put in place. The cost of the documentation can be about $200.