Choosing Your Options for the Best Hockey Site Betting

In addition to low odds, there are other components in hockey that complicate betting. For example, the outcome is heavily influenced by penalty minutes, which are difficult to predict. But there are also positive points. Due to the high density of matches clubs go out on ice 3-4 times a week material for analytics is created.

Bet both will score in hockey

The hockey betting strategy involves a number of consecutive variations:

Express trains

To increase the coefficient, the bettor combines OZ from several fights at once into one express train. True, often quotes still remain low and do not even reach 1.70. Net profit is also kept small, but the risks increase sharply. With the 안전 놀이터 site you can have the best deal.

  • Hockey bet + P1. In fact, the same express, but from different types of bets. Instead of P1, you can predict a draw, TB or TM goals, penalty minutes, etc.
  • “Snowball”, she’s a “ladder”. We ship with strategy ordinaries with minimal factors. When winning a bet, we bet the entire amount on the next event. All this action continues until the first defeat or upon reaching a certain intended amount.
  • For example, we bet 1,000 dollars in the Avangard meeting SKA for 1.12. Won 1,120 dollars. Next, we put this amount in the next match with a coefficient of 1.2. In the case of a pass, we get 1344 dollars. And so on until you lose or achieve your goal. Let’s say 2,000 dollars.
  • The third strategy combines the first and third. We collect the express, and then, if successful, transfer the winning amount to the next event. 

When selecting, before putting, it is advised to use the same criteria as analyzing football matches. Abandoned and conceded goals in the last 5-7 meetings, the percentage of shots scored, goalkeeper reliability, forward performance, etc.


Thus, this bet in football and hockey can be a good option for insurance, if you are not 100% sure as a result of the match. The bet has good potential, you just need to carefully analyze the quotes, follow the clubs and do not forget to filter the games. 

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