April Celebrations: 3 Global Secular Holidays to Enjoy With Pot

The month of April is only starting but celebrations are in order because of the various secular holidays you can celebrate. After all, who doesn’t want to grab the opportunity to smoke pot or even consume cannabis-infused drinks and foods in celebration of something? So, without further ado, here are 3 international holidays you can commemorate with weed:

International Children’s Book Day

Let’s admit it. Children’s books have always been trippy. From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to the peculiar works of Roald Dahl and the equally outrageous creations of Dr. Seuss, kids all around the globe have been enchanted by these books. Celebrated on April 2, the International Children’s Book Day is certainly a good excuse to read these works while consuming cannabis-infused drinks and sweets.

Better yet, why not read cannabis-themed rehashing of these childhood classics? Try reading Green Buds and Hash by Dana Larsen and revisit the good old childhood rhyme, but with a twist! You can even get your hands on original children’s books centered on weed. Ricardo Cortes’ It’s Just a Plant and Ross Hudson’s What’s that Weed are some of the growing collection of marijuana-related children’s fiction.

International Cannabis Day

Of course, our April celebrations can never be complete without celebrating marijuana, the wonderful plant. On April 20, cannabis enthusiasts around the world will be blazing up in commemoration of cannabis-related events and protests. Take this day as a way of rejoicing the various victories the cannabis community has experienced in the past year. Most importantly, this day offers an opportunity to show solidarity and advocate for weed’s positive contribution to health and recreation. After all, while the community has been getting so many wins, so much more remains to be achieved.

International Mother Earth Day

Cannabis is a natural and organic medical aid for many debilitating conditions and their equally incapacitating conditions. We only have Mother Earth to thank for providing this wonderful herb, so why not light up to celebrate her on April 22? This way, you can enjoy what both Mother Earth and this plant have to offer.

There is so much more to be pleased about for this month, but these three global holidays can help you get into a celebratory mood.  By rejoicing these occasions, you are not only bringing awareness to the particular matters being celebrated but also advocating for the plant we have come to know and love.

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